Chip set cooler...which one?

I have an Asus A8N-E witch are well known to have the chipset fan go bad. So I'm lookin at buyin a new one befor I have problems. I'm lookin at the New Jing Ting 2 or the Thermaltake CL-C0034. Is there a better choice between the two or another cooler I'm overlookin? Ya I'm OC'n a bit.
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  1. Mount a low-noise 80mm fan that blows towards the n/b heatsink. Mine did the same as my stock, tiny fan went bad and became the most audible fan in my system and not to mention didn't cool the northbridge well as it was hot to my touch. Trust me as with mine is done the same, and the temps are 40c overclocked.


    Basically I just placed that 80mm fan on top of my graphics card. Now the north bridge is warm to the touch and no more noise inside my case.
  2. Well thats not what I'm after I'm lookin to get an A/M chipset cooler. I do apresiate you solution but thats not what I'm back to my origanal question....Please.... any one else have any sacride knowledge on the subject??

    Cheep: 40mm fan and thermal grease. I'm not 100% sure how people are mounting those, but it should cover any overclocking you can pull off with that motherboard. And should cool better then almost any 3ed party northbridge cooler.

    Affordable: passive Zalman ZM-NBF47 I managed to mount it on my AN8-SLI and its works so-so, just mounting it was a major pain in the ass. But unlike the review I managed to install it in a way so that I could still use the top pcie slot/ *Note this cooler will require some air flow to work, in my case it's getting its extra air flow from my Zalman video card cooler also it could interfere with long video cards.

    Costly: that Jin Ting or a Swifttech active northbridge cooler.

    And yes those Asus stock chipset coolers suck at everything except bugging the hell out of you. :evil:
    I went with the zalman because I was working on making my computer quieter.
  4. OK..Thanks for the Link! It was very usefull..Just what I was lookin for I'm goin for the new Jing Ting JTS-0006...the $$ not that much in the big Picture of life. You know whats more important food on the table or your computer........
    Right!!!! :)
  5. I also liked the fact that the JT will be out of the way of my video card...and it's got good reviews...most of the other coolers are going to be in the way of stuff! Thanks for the possitive feed back :)
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