No video or Black Screen when windows loads<2025wm

everything works fine untill the the windows loads the ATI driver. my 2025wm SonicView goes black and says no signal. When i use safe mode it works fine or when i enable VGA mode too. I used driver cleaner and reinstalled ATI 6.9 drivers. I also installed viewsoince drivers too. But nothing working. I formated windows and installed it again with no luck. I tried different tricks such as disconnect the screen cable during boot and then hook it when windows loads with no luck either. Now, the only way the 2025wm works if i use the older analog cable but as soon as i switch cables and use the native digital cable the problem appears again. I should also mention too that the 2025wm worked before on digital but i dont know what happened to it now. I also changed the refresh rate and forced different values but nothing happened. Please help and thanks for ur input!
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  1. im using ATI 1900XT 512. how do i change it to DVI from the safe mode?
  2. i've been there. but there is no option to change the connection port?
  3. hummm, alright thanks a lot thou!
  4. Quote:
    Maybe you will be able to dig up the right setting while using the VGA port and running Windows normaly. I'm sure there has to be a setting somwhere. Otherwise it's the monitor that has the problem.

    nah, its not the monitor bc it works just fine before the windows loads ATI driver and it works fine on safe mode with digital connection. i'm pretty sure its something with the software side.
  5. Are you sure that you didn't change the input select on the monitor by accident? (or maybe someone else did)
  6. nah, i checked that too.
  7. Oooops sorry I missed that part where you said the digital driver works in safe mode :oops:

    Maybe a different version of the driver? BTW what size monitor are you using and what resolution are you running at ? (not familiar with that model and tooo lazy to check :) )
  8. and your video card is set at it's native resolution? Maybe you should try the refresh rate and resolution settings.

    Trying to think of anything that could be causing your problems :( Otherwise you might want to try a different driver version or fixing you monitor to a different pc to see what happens.

    BTW great monitor for that price. Something like that would cost an arm and a leg here :(
  9. as i have mentioned before i did try to chnage the refresh rate and changing the res won't work bc u can't change that on safe mode and on enable VGA moe the screen would go black as soon as i change the sittings. i tired to install 6.8 ATI but that didn't work too.
  10. thanks for trying to help thou. i looked up other fourms but no body figured it out yet. i know im not the only one. there must be a loop whole some where to do the trick. its a driver issue.
  11. One more thing you could try is changing the setting using a different monitor. Or try your monitor on another PC. Should help to see exactly where the problem is.
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