Please Help PC shuts down when using both cores at 100%


I have a computer like this

athlon x2 3800 oced at 2.3ghz
biostar tforce 939
elixir 2x512 mem

I used to do encoding like this always but today every time i do encode video with you name it (convertxtodvd, tmpenc, winavi) and they use both cores (multithreaded) at full 100%, then the pc just shuts down after a pair of minutes it started encoding. the temp is at 45, so its not a heat problem.

BUT if i run them with normal settings (NO OC) it works just fine, or if i use a program single threaded i works fine even overclocked because they only use cores at 50%.

could this be a CPU problem, Power suply or mobo problem?

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  1. What is your power supply?
  2. It could be many things and you havent listed enough details of hardware and your oc.
    you cant set the clock and walk away .
    downlaod prime 95 and burn both cores adjusting Vcore ,memory voltage and timings until stable.
    Like stated above your psu is not listed so its not a fair troubleshoot without more hardware specs.
  3. I'll agree with the guy above.. uh to me it appears to be a PSU problem; I had a similar problem before where my 12v rails dropped too low(around 10.5v?) when my cpu/vid card put on load ~75% and reset or turned off completely...
  4. I would be more inclined to say that one of the cores becomes unstable at the overclock you have. A lot of times you'll have one core being stable at a higher speed than the other and that can cause problems if the unstable core is fully loaded.
  5. Ok I forget to tell you I have a 450w PSU. the problem ONLY comes when OCed(automatic 15%), at normal speed it works like charm.
    I used to have it OCed for about 6 months until now, i guess either the cpu does not tolerate OC anymore or my PSU is failing.
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