MSI MS-6368 DOA!

'98 A-Open with MSI MS-6368 Motherboard. I restore and modify old VWs and had just downloaded and catergorized almost 500 photos in Photoshop, getting ready to download to CDRWs. I decided to finish any neccessary Emails (about 30 minutes worth) prior to starting and she crashed. Having some Computer electrical experience, I ran some tests and almost got out my BMF. A good mechanic has at least one and I understand that quite a few ITs keep one ..... but, well hidden. I know it's old but, so am I. At 64, I'm just an old fart that would rather fix something (myself, that is) than get a new one. Being an antique, one likes to keep a few around. I do believe in spending a bit more, however, if I can upgrade and/or get something better. I'm interested in knowing if there are other boards that may be more readily available that would interchange with the MS-6368? I am tending to blame this on a recent storm that repeatedly knocked off the power, a few days prior to the crash.

Any suggestions will be considered.............
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  1. Pricewatch has several pentium III boards listed under motherboards. Some with via and some with Intel chipsets. Can't really recommend a board. It's been too long since I ran with a p3. It's a good time for an upgrade, if you live near a Fry's electronics. They still have a few cpu-motherboard combos for under $100 in their sales ad.
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