What do you guys think of this setup?

Pc power and cooling 1000Watt PSU. <---- Is this total overkill? I am hoping to do SLI with dual 8800 GPU's in the future.

AMD Athlon X2 3800+ Windsor 2.0Ghz.

Asus Crosshair SLI 590 Socket AM2 Motherboard.

Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 2 GB kit.

Dual Western Digital Caviar SE 80GB Sata 3.0GB/s 7200RPM in Raid 0.

Thermaltake Soprano VB1000BWS Black Case.

Samsung 18X DVD+- Burner Black.

Mitsumi Card reader floppy drive Black.

Veiwsonic VX922 2Ms Response Time 19in 4:3 LCD Monitor.

Geforce 8800GT or GTX Directx10 GPU when it comes out. 7950GX2 for now.

Zalman CNPS9500 LED CPU Cooler.

Zalman VF900 GPU Cooler.

2 Thermaltake thunder blade A1926 120MM Blue LED case fans.

1 Thermaltake A2017 90MM Blue Led Case Fan.

2 Packages of Artic silver 5.

Link depot UV Clear Round Floppy Cable.

Link depot UV Clear Round IDE Cable.

Belkin Antistatic Wrist Strap.

Total $2400 Shipped.


Now I already own phillips head screw drivers, and various tools. Does this sound like everything I could ever need? I am hoping to finance this come X-mas time. I am hoping that the new G80 GPU is out by then. What do you guys think? Is that PSU too much? Because its friggen exspensive!!!!!! But I wont have to upgrade that in my life time.

BTW If you are wondering why two small hard drives and not one big one. Well I want the performance of RAID. Plus I also havnt filled up an 80GB Hard drive ever! I dont do any video editing, or have much music on my computer. So 160 Gigs is more than plenty.
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  1. Seems like a pointless waste of money to me, but I'm deadset against anyone running SLI.... unless they use multiple monitors at resolutions over 1600 x 1200.

    If this is really the way you want to go... it looks fine. There are a couple of glaring issues I need to point out though:

    1. Lose the rounded cables. They aren't REALLY necessary.....

    2. Lose the second tube of AS 5. You won't even use up the first if you apply it properly. I've applied AS 5 (from a single tube) to 8 CPU heatsinks, 3 video cards and 3 north bridges, and still have a quarter of the tube left over. The tube I have is the same 3.5g tube I'm assuming you are getting.

    3. Lose the antistatic wrist strap. It's not necessary either. Just be careful with the components when you're handling them (i.e. pick them up by the edges, don't try to force them into place) and ESD won't be an issue.
  2. Prochecy thanks for saving me like $20. :-D LOL kidding. I might as well get that with the amount of money Im spending. So you guys dont see a problem with this setup?
  3. If you want, you can get the enermax galaxy 1000W, its gotten pretty good reviews. It will save you like $100.

    But it seems you do have the money to throw around so why not get a C2D? Unless this computer is for gaming and nothing but gaming. But then you never know if the next generation games will be bottlnecked by your 3800+.
  4. keep the PC&C PSU and get a lanparty mobo instead(the best amd board)

    get a $200 gpu like 7900GS for right now since 8800GT's are coming so soon. Then sell it for like $130 when you get the 8800's.

    I don't think even a 1KW PSu is enough for SLi 8800- 2GTs =400W x 2 + proc + ram + hdd + cd-rom. I think you are barely gonna make it....................

    forgot anti-static strap, but it's optional if you ask me.... :D
  5. Quote:
    Prochecy thanks for saving me like $20. :-D LOL kidding. I might as well get that with the amount of money Im spending. So you guys dont see a problem with this setup?

    Of course I agree with Prophecy's suggestions saving you $20.

    Lose the 7900GX2. Pick up the X1900XT 256 instead for around $250. It can reach the 7900GTX in some benchmarks. It will last you just fine until DX10 is out. No reason to drop that much on a video card now.

    I agree with Prophecy too that SLI is marketing trap and does not matter for most people. Really think about the money you are investing for such a small gain.
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