File sharing help needed.

I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and 2 winxp computers.

When I go to My Network Places it finds my shares but they are non-clickable. They are listed under "unspecified", the path is correct under "comments" and "unknown" is under "computer", "Network location" is blank.

If I go to "View Workgroup Computers" I can work around this as well as "run" with the IP address.

I've tried suggestions in How To: Tips for Fixing XP File and Printer sharing.

Anybody know why My Network Places is jazzed up?


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  1. You can right click on the computers in "my network places" and delete them. Then add them back.

    Make sure all of computers HardDrives have a name. Not just c:
    Make sure all are in the same group. As well as the router.
    There is also a windows service that need to be running to make things update properly. PNP
  2. Or, if your just trying to get to drives and not shares use the administrative share. \remotePCC$ to get to c on a remote computer named remotePC. Network places is a joke, was a joke, always will be assumably. Unless Vista/Longhorns does something dramatic. Worked with windows networking for 10 years. Used network neighborhood/places perhaps a handful of times, only when I didn't know the remote computer's name or IP firsthand. key to succesful windows networking? Start, run. \UNC or \IP
  3. kwebb

    Can you please elaborate on your comments regarding administrative share & UNC.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  4. All Windows XP machines have hidden shares on the root of each partition

    The root of the C: drive is shared out as C$
    The root of the D: drive is shared out as D$
    .... etc

    These shares can only be accessed by Local Administrators of the PC

    If you know the name of a machine and have sufficient access rights (i.e. local Admin) then you can simply click on Start button - Run

    Type in ||<machine name>|d$

    to connect to the D: drive

    P.S> the | should be backslashes but for some reason double backslashes don't appear in these postings)
  5. My syntax was off. Must of been typing fast and not reviewed.

    UNC is \servername Where servername is the NetBIOS name (Computer name) of the remote machine. You can add sharename if you know it so \servernamesharename

    You can run this from Run, Explorer, internet explorer etc....

    If the name doesn't work you can substitute the IP. So if remote computeB is it'd be \ or \

    As mentioned the $ just gets you to the default admin share. Right click My Computer and click manage from the menu. Then from there expand "Shared Folders" then "Shares" You'll see what we're talking about. You'll need local admin rights, also as mentioned.

    Avoid Network Places like the plague. You'll be happier short and long term.

    Once you get to the shares listing of a remote computer right click the share and map the network drive as well if you want persistent shares. (make sure you click the reconnect at logon button)
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