Asus P5W-DH Deluxe Ram slots, does it matter where I slot?

Asus P5W-DH Deluxe Ram slots, does it matter where I slot them.

It shows the dimms A1+A2 , B1+B2, which combination is better?

A1+B1 or A1+A2? :_(

A1+A2 = Dual Channel Configuration

A1+B1 = Dual Channel Memory Configuration

Whats the difference :S
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  1. Check your motherboards manual how to make a dual-channel config.
    Usually they go in slots 1 and 3 but I could be wrong about this specific motherboard.
    If you problem doesnt get solved post this in the memory forums.
  2. I downloaded the manual to your board. The writing is just a little confusing.

    For dual-channel configuration, the total size of memory module(s) installed per channel must be the same (DIMM_A1 + DIMM_A2 = DIMM_B1 + DIMM_B2).


    For dual-channel memory configuration, install the DIMMs in slots DIMM_B1 and DIMM_A1 (orange slots); install another pair of DIMMs in slots DIMM_B2 and DIMM_A2 (black slots).

    The bolded part is saying that to utilize dual-channel configuration, the total size of the modules must be the same for each channel:

    Dual-Channel Configurations:
    For Dual-Channel Mode, Channel 1 MUST equal Channel 2.

    Valid Dual-Channel Configuration:
    Channel 1
    DIMM_B1: One 1GB Module
    DIMM_A1: One 512MB Module

    Channel 2
    DIMM_B2: One 512MB Module
    DIMM_A2: One 1GB Module

    Channel 1 = 1.5GB Total, Channel 2 = 1.5GB Total
    Channel 1 (DIMM_B1 + DIMM_A1) = Channel 2 (DIMM_B2 + DIMM_A2)


    Invalid Dual-Channel Configuration:
    Channel 1
    DIMM_B1 = One 512MB Module
    DIMM_A1 = One 512MB Module

    Channel 2
    DIMM_B2 = One 1GB Module
    DIMM_A2 = One 256MB Module

    Channel 1 - 1GB Total, Channel 2 = 1.25GB Total
    Channel 1 != (Not Equal To) Channel 2[/code:1:791d2e57dd]

    As long as the amount of memory in Channel 1 equals the amount in channel 2, dual-channel mode works; otherwise, it reverts to single channel. To answer your question, disregard the part about dual-channel configuration - just put the memory modules where the manual tells you to in the part about dual-channel memory configuration. I highlited those parts in red for you.

    Dual-Channel Configuration = Dual-Channel Memory Configuration
  3. thanks man, thats what i did, not i am screwing in the motherboard :/ its such a beestuard to do :)
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