How to stop the computer from closing all tabs automatically

My pc is only a few months old But, for some unknown reason every time i go to the internet explorer & choose a site to find information no matter which site. It closes down & goes all the way back to my screen saver. (this can do it from the 1st 30 seconds to maybe upto 2 mins) loosing that site & having to re-type the whole thing back in all over again.I have tried all over the place trying to find solutions to this . But to no avail. & i do not have my broswer history either that seems to have dissapeared aswell. I am fed up with all this. & i really need help!!!PLEASE!!
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  1. Try to uninstall IE and then re-install it to see if that will fix your problem. Also disable your screen saver. What version of windows are you running? What version of IE are you running? You could also download Firefox web browser and use this as a backup to IE until you get IE fixed.
  2. Use firefox.
  3. You may have an addon that isn't playing nice. Try shutting down the addons one by one while trying to visit that site.
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