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I'm planning to get a second LCD. I currently have a Samsung 913V, but it's no longer sold. I want to get a second LCD that is similar enough to my 913V so if I put my 2 monitors side by side, the picture won't look too different.

Right now, I'm looking the Samsung 920N. It has similar specs to the 913V:

Pixel pitch: 0.294mm
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 700:1
Response time: 8ms
Interface: Analog

Pixel pitch: 0.294mm
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 600:1
Response time: 12ms
Interface: Analog

The resolutions of both LCDs are the same. The real difference that I see is the contrast ratio (i.e., 700:1 vs. 600:1) and the response rate (8ms vs. 12ms).

My questions:
- Are there other specs that I should look at?
- Is the 920N and 913V close enough so I won't notice a difference?

Unfortunately, the 913V II isn't available in my area, although it still lists at Samsung's website. TIA.
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  1. I personally wouldnt consider ANY LCD with an analoge interface.

    Its definately worth going for a DVI connection. Yes it means the picture will look slightly clearer on the new monitor, but it seems silly to WANT the picture fuzzy....
  2. In a perfect world, I'll be getting dual DVI LCDs! There isn't a DVI LCD that fits my budget. There are some widescreen ones that do, but I don't want a widescreen LCD.
  3. Widescreen is definately a huge plus, imo.
  4. Nah, I don't like widescreen. We have a widescreen that I use for work sometimes and I don't like it. It's great for movies and meetings with clients, but when I'm working on it by myself, I don't feel comfortable.

    I'll have to stay with 19" analog LCDs for my dual set up.

    Anyone with input on my original questions? I appreciate all the suggestions, but money (and preference) is a constraint, or else I'll be building a $10,000 PC! :D
  5. I have had 0 problems running dual monitors of different screen resolutions even mixing LCD's with CRT's
  6. Here is a really great post I found from a bulletin I posted. I was really
    impressed so I thought I would repost here. I think it will really help you out:

    Here is a great article section I found at Multi-Screens.com (A beginners introduction to Multiple Monitors)

    The Three main ways to Setup Multiple Monitors

    1) You can buy a pre-manufactured multiple monitor computer. The best place to purchase a multiple monitor computer is at:
    Multi-Monitors.com. They carry a multi-monitor computer line called SUPER-PC that can support from 2 to 12 monitors.

    Multi-Screen Computer Systems

    Multiple Monitor LCD Displays

    2) You can get a USB to VGA Adapter, or USB to DVI Adapter that will allow you to add an extra monitor to your computer
    via any USB2.0 Port. You can also add multiple extra monitors by using multiple adapters. This is a great option for viewing
    documents, surfing the web, using Microsoft Office and many other business tasks. This is not a good option for intense
    graphical situations such as HDTV, Blu-ray, Gaming and 3D / CAD Workstation applications. For those types of scenarios,
    it is highly recommended that you purchase a high-powered multi-monitor workstation or a Matrox Dual or Triple Head2Go.

    Multiple Monitor Adapters

    3) You can replace or add an extra video card to your existing computer, depending on how many monitors you wish to support.
    Although this sounds easy enough, this is a rather complex solution for a beginner, especially when trying to find a compatible
    graphics card. For this reason, I am going to write an entirely seperate post on that topic and will link to it here, very soon.

    Multi-Monitor Graphics Cards

    Once you have your multiple monitor system set up and ready to use, you will need to enable all of your monitors in
    your “Display Properties” Control Panel. Here is a great link to a complete and animated walkthrough of how to enable
    your multiple monitors in Windows.

    How to Setup Multiple Monitors (Instructions)

    This is what it will look like when you are done:

    Multi-Monitor Video Demo 1
    Multi-Monitor Video Demo 2
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