Hassle involved new Apple laptop w 2 exising Win PC's?

Right now, planning to buy new laptop. And am considering an Apple.
How much of a pain is it going to be getting it to coexist with existing PC's and hardware?

I currently have 1 PC laptop (running Win Vista) and plan to build a Desktop PC (Win 7) in near future.
Also have a D-Link DIR-655 Wi-Fi Router taking care of 2 xbox 360's, laptop and printer on network....
As well as a WD usb portable hard drive I use for mass storage and backups.

What, in terms of compatibility issues am I going to be facing?
Then what about hassles I wouldn't figure out until after buying???

Thanks guys!
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  1. Rich family, even 2 xbox 360's !

    A mac...
    - the USB portable hard drive must be formatted as FAT32 if you want the mac to be able to read AND write to it
    - You need to set up SMB file sharing if you want mac and windows to be able to exchange data with each other
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