Unable to print if computer is left on.

Both printers connected to my HP desktop (win 7x64) via USB ports become inaccessible (cannot print) if the computer is left on for a day or more. When I look under Devices and Printers, it shows both printers with the troubleshooting icon (Status: needs troubleshooting). When I initiate troubleshooting, it comes back with - "troubleshooting could not identify problem." I have to reboot computer to get printers working again. I need help to solve this problem.
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  1. Check the power profile.

    Check the USB and printer configuration.

    Try deleting and reinstalling the drivers.
  2. ^+1. Make sure the ports aren't going to sleep. What happens if you unplug one of the printers, then plug it back in? Do you get USB disconnect / connect tones?
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