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I've just bought a wireless setup for my flat. Ive got a Linksys Wireless-G Router (Model No. WRT54GSUK), a Linksys Wireless-G adapter (WUSB54GS) - These can be viewed at :


I also have a Belkin Card for my laptop.

The router is in my front room connected to my modem and wired to a PC. This PC can access the net fine. The laptop with Belkin card picks up the connection and the internet fine whether its encrypted or not.

However, my PC with the Linksys adapter plugged in, will not find the internet. It says that its connected to the router but the internet cannot be found. It gets given a 169 IP address as well.

I tried the adapter on the PC in the front room and it found the internet no probs.

My PC has just been formatted and has a nice fresh install of XP Corp. It didn't work before it was formatted either.

I have tried everything, static IPs, encrypted connections and none encrypted. Ive even tried setting up a rule to allow the MAC address of the adapter unlimited access to the net. Ive even connected to other un secured wireless networks that were detected and this didn't work. Have reset the router and modem. I have used the built function of the router to set up a secure connection and my pc finds this connection and gives me a passphrase and everything signalling that it has connected fine but still no internet. Ive also disabled my onboard LAN card in the BIOS.

When i gave it a static IP, windows wireless config said that the adapter was connected but the internet could still not be found.

I don't think its the adapter as it worked fine on another two other PCs and my work network.

The only weird thing is before i got this setup, my pc lost connection to a wired network. it couldnt renew the IP or anything. I assumed it was because i had a cable from the pc through the corner of a door frame into the next room and the outer cases had freyed. I thought that somewhere there was a cut wire.

But as my wireless network wont work im wondering whether there is a deeper problem, but i just dont know what. argh.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the long one.

EDIT: There is definetly a problem with the PC. I have connected a laptop to the wired network the PC used to be on and its worked fine. For some reason my PC refuses to connect to a wired or wireless network.
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  1. I'm no expert, but a few thing to check.

    Check to see if the port info is giving IP and DNS data. NO DNS NO Internet access. Check the Device Manager and see if you have a missing or broken drivers for your hardware.

    Run the add network connection wizzard. It sounds like you may have some network services turned off. Or XP firewall may be blocking the ports.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Whats the best way to check the port info (sorry not sure about this)

    the drivers are fine for the hardware, have tried different versions.

    I havent tried the network wizzard yet as i thought all the services were on. The DHCP and TCP services are running fine. XP firewall is not on.

    Will try the network connection wizzard tonight but i dont hold out much hope :)
  3. Goto Control Panels/Network Connections
    Double click on Your wireless Port. From there you have access to connection properties. Take a close look to the lease time, if it is short. Your router is restricting the time. Check to see if its set to connect to AP only. If adhoc it may be jumping around.

    Some routers have a feature to auto change the WPA key. You may try turning it off.

    Some times remove the connecting that is bad and reinstall it, works.

    It may be best to turn off all security, till you get a stable connection.
  4. Ive done something that i really should have thought of. My wired connection went down after i installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

    After my pc was formatted i installed it again before trying the wireless connection. I did disable it a couple of times but ive just un installed it completely and got a strong internet connection

    So it works........?

    Did work, until i did some windoze updates and after a restart it went again.

    At least i know it can connect. its just keeping it connected thats the problem.

    Ill try what you suggested Blue68F100 and get back with an update. Thanks for all your help so far.
  5. Wah yay :lol:

    Ive got it working fine now, after another reinstall of windows. It was definetly Kaspersky (or the crack i used for it). It must leave a file somewhere that stops any kind of connection working.

    Thanks for your help.
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