4yr old P4C800 won't boot, or post

Hey well I've been using this computer for about 4 years now. Some of the main parts are:
Asus P4C800 Deluxe
2.8ghz CPU
512mb ddr ram
115/230V tsunami PS
The problem that I'm having now is that when I turn the computer on, the fan runs but nothing else. No post test, no beeping, and a black screen of death. It was working fine yesterday and while I was using it, the screen went black and the fan was still on and nothing else was working.
I've tried reconnecting everything, what is most likely my problem? I've read through a few threads, some say try changing the PSU, or updating the bios but most of those people are building new systems and this one has been working fine for 4 years. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Have you tried to disconnect all ther peripherals & HD except for main boot HD? test if main HD can boot

    Do you see motherboard light still on?

    try to reset the CMOS chip. if this doesn't work, CMOS can be defective.
  2. I've tried disconnecting everything except for the CPU, video, RAM and PSU and I still get the samething with no post or beeping. I tested my RAM, CPU and PSU on my cousin's computer and they work fine.
    This leaves me to think there is something wrong with the motherboard. The motherbaord light is still on, the fan still runs. I've tried resetting the CMOS which didn't work.
    Do these signs mean a part of my motherboard is fried or my CMOS is defective?
    What can I do to fix the CMOS or if its the motherboard anyone have any good recommendations for a replacement or any good sites for motherboard, btw I'm in Canada.
  3. Well seems unlikely but you did not mentions trying the video card on the other computer.
    Sounds like a bad mb though. Might be time to upgrade to a core2 rather then waste more money buying a p4 board.

    asrock america 775dual vsta and a e6300 for about $250.00 shipped although im not sure about the canada bit affecting it.
    Supports either DDR1 OR DDR2 ( 2 dimms each though only one type at a time )
    Supports AGP and PCI-E ( At the same time if you like )
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