ASUS P5B Deluxe & Geil DDRII 667mhz

Hello people.
Currently i have this computer and i want to change it:

Intel CeleronD 2800 LGA
Geil 2x256ddr 400
Video Asus X330 128/128
Audigy LS
Seagate 160gb Sata
DVDRW, DVDROM, CDRW, HDD Rack, PCI 2 IDE Controller, Chieftec Tower

I was thinking about something like this

ASUS P5B Deluxe
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
512 mb Geil 667mhz
Wester Digital 250Gb SataII 16mb
Video Card ASUS GF 7300GS 128/128 DDRII PCI Express

What do you think?
I'm really curious about the compatibility between P5B Deluxe & Geil memory. On Asus site Geil it's not recommended.
What do you think about the Video card too. I' not into games, sometimes i'm playing NFS GTA Quake4, with default settings (with my Asus X330). That's what i want to do whit the new one.
Thanx a lot.
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  1. Motherboard manufacturers don't test every bit of RAM out there so you probably won't find some of the brands on any of the 'preferred' lists. Usually, the list actually has the memory <b>chip</b> maker such as micron and such. If you are really curious, go to GeiL's website and see if you can find out who supplies the actual memory chips.

    GeiL is a good brand name however, and will probably work. I have the same motherboard as you and went with Patriot memory and it works wonderfully (even though its not on the memory list). If the memory doesn't work (I'm sure it will) you can always RMA it and get something else.
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