Antec service - good, front panel p180 latches bad

So I noticed one of my USB ports of my Antec P180 was missing the white plastic bit that goes over the pins. It is not really advisable to use it without that. I actually tried to plug something in it before I noticed and Windows said there was a power surge in the USB port and it shut down that port (yea Windows, you didn't let me smoke my machine.)

I wrote to Antec Monday and they very nicely sent me by Priority Mail a new front port module (the USB, Firewire and audio inputs). I got it Saturday. Way to go Antec.

But - I can't get the front panel off for the life of me. Especially the top latches are nigh impossible to get loose. I managed to get the left side latches off but the right top latch is so tight and there is so little clearance that I couldn't get enough of my fingers in to release it...Tried screwdrivers but I can't get leverage.

Anyone ever manage to get the front panel off? I'd sort of like my other USB port but I'm not going to break my case over it.

I suppose I can get adventurous and try to build a a new space for it with the floppy port or something...
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  1. Check for small screws all around it. If there aren't any then grab a butter knife and try to pop those plastic-hooky things open. I've had to snap them off my cases in the past to get it open.

    Another alternative is to email Antec and see if there are slots you can force something in to pop it open.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions...Not too many peeps have tried this yet I guess.

    As far as I can tell there are no slots to pop. just these tight latches. Sometime's tight's good, sometimes....
  3. Hehe. yeah, sometimes.

    I can picture just how tight that fit is, you may need a really flat strong flat-head screw driver to wedge in there. They make the case fit so snug that you really can't get any slack when trying to release them.

    If you have to force it open and snap a clip, you can always use a piece of wire to snug it back to the case from the inside.

    Oh yeah, also make sure it's not getting stuck on your DVD drive's front plastic shield. It sucks when you finally get it free and see the front half of your DVD drive ripped out :D
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