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I've ordered a dsl line from one of the best providers in Italy. I got what they call "data cable" here, in other words just the dsl line, without a phone connection.
So now I'm waiting for the technician to come by and activate the line. The technician, however, doesn't come from the provider itself, but from the owner of the actual physical line, and they are taking their damn time.
So I'm curious as to what it takes to activate a dsl line, and whether I might do it myself. I'm handy with multimeters, wires and so on, so if I could understand what I have to do I might be able to activate the line myself far before the tech comes by.

So, the question is: does anybody know what I need to do on my phone line to get the dsl to work?
I tested the plugs, and there is AC 100v (or so, my multimeter isn't very precise) power, but the router doesn't connect, so there's clearly something else I need to do.
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  1. Turning on a DSL connection is not something a user can do. It can only be done on the ISP side. That is all done remotely though, dont know why they would send a tech to "hook up" the line. Unless they are sending someone out to just terminate the cable and plug it into your modem, lol. Maybe make your account or something... If there is a separate line for the dsl there wont be service on your phone line.
  2. The tech will also measure the signal strength and see if the output on the amp needs adjusted. And for noise.
  3. The tech will most likely have to route the dsl signal to your line at the exchange. That is why the technician comes from the carrier who owns the lines, as only their technicians would be able to gain access to the exchange.

    There is nothing a user can do to activate the service, you will just have to wait and see.
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