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Hey guys, hope some techies could shed some light on my current situation. As of today- I've been faced with blue screens when playing on steam games, I know it's not an issue with overheating, as I've been checking the hardware monitor temps in the bios straight after system failure. As far as I know, my hardware drivers are up to scratch and my rig more than meets the requirements to play these games, i.e. left 4 dead 2. Saying that this rig is very new, it's a bit of a heart break to have it fail on me.

Cheers dudes!

P.S. Not really sure what category this question fits under0 so please excuse any incompetencies :P. Also, how do I add in my signature? Don't really know why it hasn't been displayed- I thought clicking "Submit" in the forum options would cut it- obviously not. ;0
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  1. Try a different driver package.
    Updated to CCC 11.5 for my 5850 and bsod's all the time on L4D2 .
    Put CCC 11.3 on = no bsod's when playing L4D2 so far.
  2. sweet sounds like a good idea- thanks for the reply mate
  3. I just tried- but I'm getting BSODs on all games now. I really hope someone can help.

    I'm getting the error message on the blue screen with the following details:

    ===STOP :0X08E (0xc05, 0x832B51co, 0x 98835B48, 0x00====

    I really don't know what this means and any help would be massivle appreciated
  4. BUMP- really need this sorting out- thanks.
  5. Just to add, I've had a look at a blue screen viewer, and it's telling me I'm getting a win32k.sys error and an ntoskrnl.exe issue. Any idea what these mean? any help is greatly appreciated.

    On an earlier occasion, I got errors relating to: ntkrnlpa.exe and halmacpi.dll .
  6. Im going through the same thing right now, I just built a gaming system used a Radeon HD 6970 AMD 6100 Six Core Asus Motherboard Crucial 16GB, I don't think it is the build, I confirmed each component was a listed compatible. Windows 7 is stable and I burned in for 5 days before installing steam. Updated the Bios, and installed the factory drivers and updated them as well. I am now beginning to disassemble the system driver by driver and piece by piece, if anyone has a clue on why steam games blue screen once the obvious things are done, please chime in. Cause this IS heartbreaking.
  7. Hey, I am getting blue screens as desk/top is my gaming computer...and it has happened to me at least 3 times today. That being said, my work computer is getting blue screens as well....and there I have no Steam....I think it is a wonderful MS thing,
  8. Check your memory first for blue screen

    This bug check indicates that a kernel-mode application generated an exception that the error handler did not catch.

    Without knowing the first few parameters that were dumped, not much more I can do from a debugging standpoint.

    In the interem, I'd run a memory check with memtest86/Prime95 and see if you can pass both without errors. Most likely cause might be RAM in this case.
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