Everything is dying on me! $800 to spend w/ monitor! O.o

Ok well heres some background. I currently have this setup...

Athlon XP 1600+ 1.4Ghz Sometimes I overclock to 1.5GHZ. Socket 754 w/ stock cooler.

768MB of mismatched ram. One 256 Pc2400 Corsair XMS Stick. One 512 MB PC2700 Kingston Value Ram stick. The third dimm slot is not being used because I think its bad. Whenever I put a stick in it, I get the blue screen of death.

Biostar M7VIP 333Mhz FSB MOtherboard. As I said one dimm slot is going bad. This thing does not have sata hookup either and its socket 754.

Ati Radeon 9600 SE 128MB passive cooled Video card. 324Mhz Clock 202Mhz Memory. When playing games I overclock to 427 Clock and 236 Memory.

Allied 450Watt PSU. AL-B450-E 20 Pin motherboard connector. 10Amp Single 12V rail. That is also old and full of dust and debree. I tried to take it apart and clean it, but I think I dropped a couple screws into it. 8O

Maxtor 7200 RPM IDE Hard drive. Seems to be working ok. But it has always made some funny clicking noises when under load. Now it seems when I do anything hard drive intesive that it slows down alot. For example loading a map in a game.

LiteOn Cd burner. Works fine, except its white and doesnt match my case.

Thermaltake case. Front door is broken and its ugly. Has room for 5 80MM Case fans.

2 Antec 80MM Case fans. 1 Old thermaltake Case fan. One professional lighting 80MM 120V AC Very loud fan on the side window.

REALsync REAL Flat 996F-BK CRT Monitor. This thing is definitly dieing on me. Every now and then when surfing the internet it will shrink the screen size by about and inch on each side and get really blurry in the center. I NEED to replace this.

I have a copy of windows XP.

Ok thanks for reading through that.

I need a new monitor and Im 100% Decided on the Veiwsonic VX922 2ms response time 19" monitor. Here

Now where do you guys think I should go from here? I have a budget of $800 to spend. Before the monitor. So I guess now $550. Unless I can somehow convince my wife to let me finance but I dont see that happening. My buying time is after X-mas so I have a while to let prices change a bit.

So do you guys think I should upgrade the computer I have now? IE.

6800XT AGP Card 256MB GDDR3 256Bit Here

New monitor I mentioned above.

Asus Physix Processor.

Plus a gig of kingston value ram. I would get rid of the 256 MB Corsair and keep the 512 kingston to make 1.5GB of ram.

Plus a CNPS9500 CPU Cooler to get a few more MHZ out of my Cpu.


Should I keep the power supply I have and try to get a new AM2 or Core2Duo setup? I need help. Thanks.


The more I think about this, the more I think I should wait and save up. Because I really want a new case, proably Lian Li. I really want a Geforce DX10 GPU. So maybe I should just wait. At the low end I figure the new comp I would really want would be $1200. At the higher end. $2200.

I hate throwing money into this old computer unless you guys think adding the new GPU and physix processor would really help. I dont know why Im obsessed with the Physix Processor.
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  1. With the luck you're having some of your stuff won't last till Christmas.
    With only $545 left after getting that monitor there's not many options left for you. I think the monitor $$ is too big a chunk of your budget
    What game do you play that needs a physics. processor? On your budget it doesnt make much sense to me.
    Same with the Zalman 9500 - too much for your budget.
    Don't know if that PSU will handle the video card you want.

    When you start talking about $1200 you start getting into the range of a decent budget PC.
    Check out this guide for ideas:
    Midrange Buyer's Guide - September 2006 with both AMD and Intel suggestions
    Since you dont need a copy of WinXP you'll be able to upgrade your video card.
  2. Thanks for being honest. I totally agree. I will read that article. Thanks for the help.

    Ok if I had about $1200 this is what I would get. Even come X-mas time.

    Asus Cross Hair Motherboard. <---Dont say anything. This is 110% Set. I want AMD and I would never let myself live it down if I cheap out on the motherboard. So I am getting the top of the line motherboard so I have room to upgrade later on.

    AMD Athlon 3500+ AM2.

    Corair DDR2800 XMS2 1 GIG Stick.

    Antec NeoHe 500 Watt PSU.

    EVGA Geforce 7600GT. 256MB.

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250MB.

    Lite On DVD Burner Black.

    Lian Li PC-65B Case.

    Veiwsonic VX922 Monitor.


    Now dont say anything about the AMD decision. I am set on AMD. I have always stuck with them. If you are going to make a comment on AMD just bite your tongue and move on please. Thank you in advance.
  3. BTW Do you have a recommendation on a different monitor? Because the only other thing I have found is a Hanns-G 19" Wide screen for about $200 that I think I would be happy with. That only saving me $50.
  4. Thats not a bad list - I make it out to be about $1275 @ NewEgg.com with an AMD X2 3800+ CPU.

    Is that AMD Athlon 3500+ really an AM2 CPU? Or 939?
    The single 1GB DDR2 stick will mean the RAM will be running in single channel mode - not dual channel. You'll take a bit of a performance hit on that.

    For a monitor look at Acer 1916WAbd Black 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD @ $190

    You might be able to stretch the budget to get 2GB . GeIL GX22GB5300LDC 2GB Kit DDR2-667 PC2-5300 DDR 2

    By all means keep on researching. You need to confirm its quality stuff and understand the price/quality/performance matrix.
  5. Do a dual channel dual 512MB sticks kit is the way to go?

    Yeah I just did some more research. If I go with a prebuilt system from Dell or Ibuypower. Its gonna be total garbage. 512MB of ram and a 6300LE Turbo Cache. 8O 8O 8O I dont think so.

    So I need to either convince my wife to let me finance or Im gonna have to save up more money and wait. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. 2GB (2x1GB) is the way to go if at all possible.
    Your case / PSU combo is $200 and you can probably save some money there and pump it into the RAM instead.

    If you're interested in overclocking you'll want to research that Geil DDR2 listed above. I picked that out because of its price and not through any knowledge of its quality.
  7. Nah Im pretty set on the Case. I want a Lian Li because of the immense quality. I hate buying a case just to have the front door break off after a week. *Cough* thermaltake *cough*

    My qoute is always "I would rather buy a low end part from a quality brand than a high end part from a cheap brand."

    IE. A low end $140 Lian Li case, rather than a top of the line $200 Thermaltake case. Not saying all thermaltakes are bad.

    But if I do OCZ Gold Ram I can get 2 Gigs for about $1220 Total.
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