Digit-life ATI vs. NV optimizations and IQ comparison.

Nothing all too new for many of you here, but still very intersting comparison. I wonder if things will change next round.

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  1. Interesting article. Leave it to Digit-Life to do another investigation (after their previous one during the X1800 launch). Seems no one else other than [H] cares and [H] usually only shows HQ versus regular 'Quality' mode, not apples to apples.

    Pretty much what I'd expect, but surprising the level of detail loss in SS2 OGL with the ATi performance mode.

    Everrything else seemed pretty predictable, but what is a little surprising is how much quality is lost by 'performance' mode and the minimal returns for the trade-off.
  2. It does seem that such IQ comparisons have be ignored/avoided by most major sites. Recently it's mentioned more and more, like FS now using high quality for NV cards. But it's long overdue.

    Seeing the performance figures(fps) as well was nice to see. I can't imagine gaming with drivers at the high performance settings, but for sure there are sacrifices if you do. And really, ATI doesn't benefit all too much in framerates.

    ATI being ahead of NV at default settings was expected (both had issues but NV worse). A video clip would have been nice like the old FS BF2 videos that showed the texture shimmering. But it definately shows the best apples to apples comparison would be at High Quality mode for both cards, I guess turning off HQAF though as that is beyond what NV can do.

    So what do you think when the DX 10 battles heat up? Think we shall see same ole thing with default optimizations sacrificing IQ for a few more fps? Think it will get better? Or maybe worse?
  3. I think we'll see things as they are.
    I think nV will not add non-angular dependant AF to the G80 thy have too many other issues IMO. And I think/hope ATi will continue to add HQAF to their as it does show benefit.

    I doubt either company will floptimize without the option to turn it off, and the aggresive nV optimizations wiill continue just like the ATi toned down performance mode, both of which are fine if the user cna choose to disable. It's only at default that it becomes an issue, and also reviewers need to make sure they're comparing apples to apples.

    I would love to see the G80 return to FX style AF, but I doubt that'll happen, but it really does seem like a minor issue to many of the buyers, and I don't know if that's, surprising, sad, or to be expected (most don't even know what AF is).
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