Overclocking P5W DH

Core 2 Duo E6600
2x1 Corsair XMS2 PC6400
3x320 Seagate 7200.10 (2 in RAID 0)
ASUS 6800 something....


Not a serious OC'er, but tried it for the heck of it....with such a nice board it would almost be a shame not to. :D

Decided to go down the 'safe' route to begin with and chose the 10% OC option in the BIOS. That worked fine and soon afterwards I was encoding a DVD and running Prime95 stress test at 30% plus. Also no problems and the processor was at 3.12Ghz. The processor got a bit hotter, 43 degrees I think, but the motherboard stayed at 45 degrees...that was what I was most worried about, because it started out by giving a warning when I installed the PC probe.

However, then something funny happened. I was satisfied that about 3Ghz was feasible without any effort really and I started to surf the web and my windows internet explorer started to behave funnily. Crashing and closing without warning...and only sometimes. This continued as I tried clock myself backwards to get out of problems. At stock speed it still behaved funnily. I think I corrupted IE by overclocking the processor....but why on earth would that happen when both DVD encoding, scrolling pictures at high speed, running Prime95 stress test went without a hitch? Anybody experienced the same problem?

Think I will have to reinstall IE. But what a shame, would have like to run the CPU at 3 GHZ.

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  1. Just a guess, but have you tried clearing out all of the temp files and stuff form IE? see if that helps. Might be something in there haning it up (since it crashed)... *shrug*

    Seriously tho.. the best answer I could possibly give you regarding any of the millions of IE problems: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox

  2. Thanks for the advise John,

    I have indeed started using Firefox.
    It is undoubtedly faster than IE.
    Only two things that bother me.

    1. I like to save internet pages in single files (to avoid multiple folders and files that are linked), e.g. mht, and for some reason IE just does that better. They look peculiar when saved in Firefox.

    2. Internet TV links don't open in Firefox, even if I have downloaded the Flash Player (or what ever it is called) when I was prompted.
    So, I still use IE for that.

    So far, I have clocked my board at 10%, CPU is at 41 degrees and mb stays at 45...so I am happy with that...might clock it back up at 20%, but not sure....for what I use my PC for, I don't notice too much of a difference....but cool that it can be done seemingly so easily.
  3. im looking into getting a p5w dh and an E6700.

    I want to use 2 PC8888 sticks. any advice on finding a stable CPU and RAM bus period in an Antec take 4 with the zalman 9500. I wanna run 4 7200.9 baracudas.

    i would like to disable the video and sound and install a 6800. the wi/fi can stay. if i can't get the S/PDIF when the onboard sound is disabled I'll keep it on.

    Is there any resource on the chipset usage of p5w integrated systems?

    im going to be doing sound...
  4. Have you set the vDIMM to the advertised?
  5. I had that problem but with Battlefield 2. My computer ran Prime 95 Dual instances fine for several hours. But when I went to play Battlefield 2 it kept crashing and restarting my computer. My cpu voltage was at 1.296. I bumped it up 1.328. And then It played Battlefield 2 fine. I don't think prime 95 is as good as it is thought to be at testing stability. Or maybe I just didn't run it long enough.
  6. I don't know anything about overclocking (mainyl because i suck at it) but when you say 43 degree's is that while idle?

    And has your machine passed running prime 95 wihtout any problems?

    Also how is your case cooling, eg fans.
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