Help i think i fried my Pc! Bang Sparks Fly! no power!

Hi i hope someone can help me.

A couple of nights ago i turned my computer on to be greeted by a big bang and a blue spark out the back!. After this the fuse had blown in the plug and the computer would no longer turn on.

So i went and bought a new power supply and sent the old one back.

NOW i have installed the new power supply but here are my problems.

1. The computer will not start when the sata power is connected to the HD's

2. It will start up when the HD's are unplugged(i.e the fans start lights etc) but nothing happens on screen i get one long beep, and i can't count, two or three short beeps from the motherboard. But nothing really happens after that.

I have check the video card and the fan is working on it and has a small green light lit at the end of the board nr the PCI-E Power supply connector.

So have i fried the Graphics card? have both the HD's failed? Is my RAM ok. I have no way of testing all these thing really so am stuck.

I really dont understand why it wont start when sata power is plugged in and does when its not!!!?? ??$%^

I have tried a couple of power supplies and all of them do the same thing when i connect the sata power to the HD's

Can anyone help?


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8N-SLi pro
Processor: Pentium D 805
Ram: 2GB Corsair (2x 1GB sticks)
HD - 250gb Seagate
HD - 200gb Maxtor
Video card - PCI-E NVIDA 256mb 6800 GT
2x Quiet Pc fans 80mm & 120mm
Also Zalman Heatsink Flower Fan

Also have 2 x LG DVD RW RAM drives
and Creatvie Audigy 2 that require power.

Thanks to anyone who can give me a hand!

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  1. I suspect you may have blown the motherboard.

    There could be many things that have died, however. You need to start doing some troubleshooting and swapping stuff out - there's no other way to do it.

    Try putting just 1 stick of RAM, the graphics card, and one hard drive in, and seeing if it will boot (even if all you get is a "no system disk" error - try booting with no HD - just a CD, as well) . If not, swap components round till you get a working system.

    If it doesn't boot then, it's either the CPU, Motherboard, or graphics card.
  2. I want to say memory and probably mobo, your cpu and graphics might still be fine, your optical and hdd should definitly be okay, but thats the least of your worries.

    Try swapping out memory first. Better yet, get a new mobo and place everything on there and see what happens. All I can say now is experiment, since all the key parts of your computer are suspect to being dead...
  3. So would you think the mobo is fried even though i am getting beep codes?

    I hope its not all gone because i have only had it 2 months!

    I will be most upset if i have lost all that money!

    I have no idea how to fix it with out shelling out a load of cash which i dont have!
  4. >Isn't much left to salvage

    Actually, when I had a PSU blowout it didn't affect my PC at all (I had one blow out twice - because I thought "maybe the fuse has gone", and plugged a different kettle lead into it... Bang. Another blue flash. meh.)

    >system is toast

    Though it's entirely possible everything has died, of course.

    It's a crapshoot!
  5. Man that blows real bad, you have a pretty nice pc too.
    My guess the harddrives got fryed. If there shorting the psu it wouldnt be starting either.

    This is one reason you dont buy a shitty psu cause the cheap ones will unload on your componets and trash your pc.
  6. my piece of advice for your next build.
    PSU brands:
    PC Power & Cooling (they have budget ones check out their website)

    These are rocksoild brands ive owned 1 of each brand besides pc power 'n cooling but i hear there better then even ocz and enermax.
  7. Quote:
    My guess the harddrives got fryed. If there shorting the psu it wouldnt be starting either.

    I second that. 1 min silence for all the non-recoverable data :(. Anyway try swapping parts with a friends PC (WITH caution, if a part is shorting then it may burn some component of his PC as well).
  8. Damn i thought i had a decent psu. I was using a seasonic 650W psu. I think i will pass out if i find my Hard Drives are wiped!
  9. wait a sec, doesnt 3 beeps mean a dead vga?

    anyways, this happened to me, but not w/ the whole PSU blowing up, my PSU was working fine w/ my Pentium EE 955, decided not to boot one day, HDD's didnt spin, fans did, changed systems, boots my Opteron 146 fine. so it may just have been that the PSU could nt handle the load
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