1280X1024 Screen Resolution Limitation

I'm looking to build a new rig (Asus M2n32-sli Deluxe, X2 4800+ (am2), 2g Ram)

Right now I'm using a viewsonic something or other with 2ms refresh rate which performs optimally at this resolution (1280X1024).

My questions is this, would it make much sence to go SLI or even top dog video card when I won't be looking at those massive 2560X1600 resolutions and what have you. Or even SLI? I was looking into SLIing 2 7950 GTs (around 600 bucks total), but I'm not really sure if I'll need that. trying to stay within a reasonable budget, but also realize that my screen is a personal limitation (on my video card at least)

Currently playing Titan Quest, Battlefield 2, Dungeon Seige 2, and Oblivion.

Thanks for all the suggestions, and sorry about the typos.

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  1. I think 7950GT SLI is going overboard for just 1280 x 1024 even for Oblivion. Just get a single 7950GT and either save the extra money, or spend it on more RAM if you only have 1GB.
  2. i agree sli is huge overkill at that res
  3. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. Trying to find the best price/performace at this resolution with an ability to scale up with newer games/technologies. I think I read a post about new series of graphic cards that will be made for shader model 4.0, and dx10 compliant. not sure if it was bogus or not. I might wait for that to hit the shelves and then buy the cards hopeing for a price drop.
  4. nVidia is launching their GeForce 8800 series by mid - late November. However, it has been speculated that quantities will be somewhat limited until next year. Some people expect those cards to cost in excess of $450, but they do represent nVidia's new flagship GPUs.
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