VGA Charts Update October 2006

The interactive VGA Performance Charts now include 10 more graphics solutions. from ATI and Nvidia.
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  1. Nice. Another reason to check them if planning to buy a card. Good work!
  2. you know what i dont get... everyone is talking about how good the gf 7300GT DDR3 for its price and so on.. but it is still not eve in the VGA charts i was expecting it in the August ones.
    and also i a amazed by the x1300XT performance. it beats the x1600PRO and GF6600GT in the HL2 EP1 1024x768 NO AA benchmark
  3. I'm still not seeing the x1900xt 256.... where am I missing it?
  4. i think they a missed a few important cards well whatever.. it still gives a good over all understanding of what is out there
  5. I only ask because they said they included it...
    From the ATI side we added the Radeon X1300 XT, X1650 Pro, X1900 XT 256 MB and the flagship Radeon X1950XTX.
  6. Thats nice, did you get the SLI/CF problem fixed this time?

    BTW, heres the real link
  7. they wrote: "From the ATI side we added.....X1900 XT 256 MB...". I don't see it enywhere. Too bad - it's very interesting card.
  8. Err, might want to fix this typo.

    less than 5% of the populous using displays less than 2048x1536
  9. LOL, what, your still gaming at that low res of 1600x1200??? Get with the program man. (thats a joke, my monitor doesn't even go higher then 1280x1024...)
  10. I game at 2560x1024, it's just that the actual game is only 1280x1024 while my widgets and buddy list still stay active in the second monitor.
  11. i knew i should have waited for the update before ordering my card
    i just got the 7900GS XT from xfx

    for $10 less it looks like the ATI x1900gt is a better performer...
    ohwell after restocking fees and shipping i better just keep my XFX card

    toms hardware is awesome btw
  12. Won't matter much, if you're only keeping them for about a year they shouldn't offer too much different to be worth returning, of course if buying new the option is more attractive.

    Just enjoy what you have and ignore what you don't until you replace them.
  13. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: another completely WORTHLESS VGA CHART from THG!!!!!!!!!!

    Will someone at THG fix this chart??!!!!!!!!??????????

    There is absolutely NO WAY this information is accurate. Look at the stats for a NV 7950 GX2 and you will see what I'm talking about.

    There used to be a time when I would base my buying decisions with information from THG....not anymore!!!!!!!!!! This is a complete waste of internet space.

    This chart has been INNACCURATE since it's inception and you guys still haven't fixed it. This chart should be pulled IMMEDIATELY until you can get it working properly to post accurate numbers.

    I am currently shopping for a high end gaming card and EVERY website I have seen that has reviewed the 7950 GX2 has it right at the top for a single card solution.........WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THESE NUMBERS?????

    FIX IT PLEASE.....and how about a little QC next time before you post information on the web.

    Sorry if I'm harsh......but this chart has been a mess all along....several people have complained.......and you still keep posting rubbish.
  14. whoa there fella.
  15. What about that chart makes it interctive?
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