what psu with long cables for antec p180 case

may sounds like a strange question for people that havent heard of a p180 but i just bought loved teh design anyway the power supply is at the botton and all though im still choosing me mobo they all have the +12v 4+4pin connector at the top left. sooo need one with looooong cables. can any p180 owners suggest ones that fit ok?
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  1. antec recomends their phantom 550
  2. yeah i seen a few pics were peopel have had to stretch the wire across the board and under the vga card. i like mine neat soo dint really want to do that.

    soo you can buy an extension for them wires ?? dint know that think i seen an extension for a 4pin 12v but not an 8 will look. unless anyone comes up with a psu that fits lol
  3. I remember reading a customer review with someone stating their OCZ PSU cables had 'worked well' in their p180 case. If i can dig up where i read that, i'll post it here.

    Actually found something on newegg for you. Not as positive as the comment I remember seeing elsewhere but hopefully will help you:

    Other Thoughts: OCZ was nice and is RMAing mine. Only spent 3 minutes on the phone! Now, that's high quality tech support! Also, if you have a P180, it's somewhat difficult hiding the cables, but they are long enough.
    For this powersupply: OCZ GameXStream OCZ600GXSSLI ATX12V 600W Power Supply. Some other reviewers on newegg mention 'long cables' as well.
  4. cheers. i been lookingf on loads of manufactures sites but hardly any of them give cable length only enermax i found so far. normally its not an issue but with this case it is.
  5. I have a P180B, P5W DH Deluxe, and a Seasonic S12 series. The cables reach all the way with no problem. If you want very clean wiring then you will have to get an extension for the 4-pin connector at the top left. I just routed mine over the graphics card.
  6. Are there multiple versions of the Antec P180 Case... Because sometimes I see it as P180 and sometimes I see it as P180B.. Thanks if anyone can verify wether there is more then one version of the Antec P180 Case.

    Thanks very much. Storm
  7. P180B=Black, otherwise it is silver/whiteish.

    S12 reach, but with an extension cable, if your power sockets are under where a normal PSU is. Look for my and paybaxs posts in a 're-circulating air' thread, you'll see pics of a simple one and a not so simple one.

    Silverstone do extension cables.
  8. There is the P180, and the P180b(lack). And there is the revision 1 & 2 (Dont know if they call it revision, I'm calling it). But the 2nd one has better/more(?) rubber, doesn’t bring the airduct, those slots-metal-plates come with holes and you have a clip to put a fan on a HD boxy thing to use it as a airduct. I have the Black v2 with an Enermax Liberty and a P5W DH Deluxe. The only issue is the same that DryOkole has, the 4-Pin Connector. Even though I don’t have and extension, its way is over the gfx as well. I’m very pleased with it. Funny thing, it has 2 HD leds (each one with its own cable), I’ve never seen it before, and I have no idea how to use the extra one… any idea?
  9. I have a thermaltake tr2 430w, not the most powerful psu but I had no problems with the cables.
  10. thanks for all the replys guys. looks like if i wanna keep it extra neat i will need to by an extension so i can route the wire were i want that be fine :)

    and yeah the b at end means black.

    revision 2 came out early this year. with that the vga cooler duct was taken away. the blanking plates for slots at back have vents in em and also the front door is now 3 ply like the sides revison 1 doors were 2 ply. so i have read anyway :D oh and also the updates version doesnt have the ove sizes fan at bottom has normall one like the other 2.
  11. Well i have this case with an Antec True-powerII and everything seems to reach everywhere just fine.
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