Connection problem with Linksys router and Rogers inet

I used to have an old Linksys router back from the days when it was cheaper to buy a router and hub separately rather than integrated (it didn't have one built in) and my net connection kept cutting out every so often. Sometimes it would go for a minute and come right back, other times I would have to power cycle the router. I thought it was just because the thing was old and crapping out, so I bought a new Linksys WRT54G v5 router. We have 4 PCs wired into the switch now, and the problem seems to still be occuring, albeit at a reduced rate and a little differently.

I've been trying to find out if it's something to do with Rogers' network and Linksys routers, as I've seen a few other people having the same problem. Our Rogers modem is a Motorola one, I think the other cases I've seen also have that same type. If anyone has any insight into this problem, I would be quite grateful.
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  1. Check to see what your lease time is set at, increase to max.

    Turn off the wireless side if you are not using it, for security.
    Turn off logging execpt for errors. Look at the log, it should show where the problem is. The only problem is when you reboot it clears.
  2. do you have the same problem if you connect the computer directly to the modem - no router inline ?
    If so there is a problem with the modem or signal strength. You might have someone come out and check the signal strength. If its low they can put a booster in for you.
  3. Make sure you don't have any login software (PPPoE clients, if Rogers requires them) running on any PCs.

    ISP disconnects are a tough problem. See this article for some tips on debugging frequent disconnect problems.
  4. You can use NetStumbler to do a survey and see if there is another device causing the problem.
  5. you have to do a mac clone address on the setup page of the router and make sure you are using the latest firmware->1.00.6 because if not you be getting a lot of problems with a low firmware. :wink:
  6. What kind of Motorola modem is it? Have you had it ever since you became a Rogers' customer?

    If it is the 'surfboard' model, you may want to investigate in getting Rogers to swap out modems, depending on your service you subscribe to.

    Also, what kind of information are you downlaoding? Does anyone use a program, called bittorrent on your lan? If so, Rogers' is implementing a procedure in which you wil be booted offline after using bittorrent overnight.

    EDIT: This is a owned, Rogers user forum
    You can check there and see if others have had the same issues you have (and after doing a quick search, many have).
  7. This should be the issue with the firmware on the router. Make sure you have ver - 1.00.6. That will fix a lot of issues with the router. The former firmware releases were full of bugs
  8. My friend of mine was having the same problem. The ISP had to send a tech out to check the signal strength. What they found was the signal (voltage) was at the min and below, the reason for the drops. The tech had to increase the amp signal to correct the problem. ONLY a service tech can do this since the equipment is at the phone company. Once done NO problems.
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