Strange HDD speed problems

I have two Maxtor disks. Sata 2, 300 GB each one, 16 mb buffer ...

Disk 1
C: (system), D:, E:, F:, G: and H:.
Disk 2
I:, J:, and K:.

Well, the read data transfer for all partitions is aprox. 27 MB/s, while the writting data transfer is aprox. 44 MB/s.
The problem is that, only in partitions C, D, E and F, the write data transfer is 10 MB/s, while in the rest of them, is 44 MB/s

What happens with writting speed in the first 4 partitions?? :(
Sata 2 offers theorically 300 MB/s, why i'm getting this poor speeds? :(

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  1. Theoretical seeps on Sata II drives are BS. A number does not define actual functionality. Please search the forumz for the correct answer, it has been a threaded topic dozens of times. There is a madness to partitioning drives to achieve the least amount of access time while getting the most out of the r\w throughput.
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