Most accurate conroe temp measuring utility?

Not including thermocouples, what's the best utility to accurately get conroe temps? My Asus utility and Core Temp never seem to agree.

Board: P5WDG2-WS PRO
CPU: 6600
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  1. I would believe what the motherboard bios tells you. I dont know whats the best way to check i just use the mobo utility.
  2. I'm also having a bit of trouble...

    I use the Asus probe, it says my 6600 is 28C, if I use core temp, one core is at 42 the other is at 44,

    I'm a little reluctant to overclock my 6600 if I can't get a temp reading to rely upon

    Also I just swapped my stock cooling (Intel, came with 6600) for a scythe Infinity, and core temp still shows a temp of 42 - 44.. So either I fitted the damn heatsink incorrectly, or the paste run of the side... lol

    Why wouldn't it show a marked difference ?
  3. I have the same problem with my 6300 and P5B from asus. I installed a program from here and it seems to work well.

    Just don't try and view the logs while it is actively running because it will cause it to crash. The output from this marks my 1st core at 40 degrees and my 2nd at 37, these temps feel more accurate based on the reviewers temps and the temperature of my zalman CPNS9500 cooler. It kept my P4 2.8 at about 41 and the C2D's run significantly cooler than the P4's ever did, especially the 90nm versions like mine.

    My cooler is slightly warm to the touch so if it were cooking at 45 degrees idle like PC Probe II from Asus that under full load it might burn my hand when it reaches 50. I am running it at 2.35GHz from a 1.86 and the temps from the OC and at stock speeds, during idle are both 45 degrees which just can't be based on everyone's normal temp readings being right around 40 on idle.
  4. I sure wish somebody with a good quality thermal sensor would measure these temps on various boards and evaluate how accurately the various programs report these temperatures.

    I've always been under the impression that the board manufacturers just throw something in so they have temp monitoring just like all the other boards, but that there is minimal cost and minimal effort expended on the effort, with accuracy taking the hindmost.

    This would make a wonderful article for Tom's Guide.
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