What Driver Are You Using For Your ATI Card?

Which drive are you using?
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  1. Ya left out an option for the oem ATI drivers... which I use for my HiS X1800XT running at 690MHz core/1580MHz memory...
    I find that I can tweak them fine getting
    ~ 5,040 marks in 3DMarks06
    and 10,996 marks in 3DMark05
  2. I use stock ATI drivers and CCC for my overclock. ATITool doesn't work with Sapphire cards, for some reason. I get about 6100 marks on 3dMark06 without a serious overclock. Have gotten higher, but I keep things down a bit for long term stability.
  3. Ati's Catalyst 6.9.
  4. Cat 6.10 Beta, Stream computing FTW :lol:
  5. The ATI 6.9, seem to work well for me
  6. Modified 6.9 Drivers so they'll recognize my X1950XTX.
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