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I was given two VelociRaptor hard drives and formatted both of them inside Windows 7. One had a system restore partition that I was hoping would go away with the format but didn't. I used the one that didn't have the extra partition to install Windows 8 on.

I only did the Dual Boot Windows 7\2000 for fun and I actually want to remove 2000 but haven't yet as I read there is more to it than just deleting the partition. I was just holding it off for now.

So I placed the VelociRaptor in Sata 1 and unplugged the Windows 7\2000 hard drive to install Windows 8. Installation went great and after it was done, I shut down and plugged the Windows 7 hard drive back in but now I can't boot into Windows 8. Booting into Windows 7\2000 still works fine.

I get the error that says the Windows Boot Configuration Data is missing when trying to boot from the Windows 8 hard drive.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Strange that this posted as it told me the site was down when I would click submit. I did not get this figured out although I made progress but I learned I did it wrong initially setting up the dual boot. I'm able to get my programs already installed on the Win 7 drive to work with Windows 8 as the master boot and I don't see anything wrong with Windows 8 so I'll just keep it this way.
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