Conversion of drive c simple volume to primary partition windows 7

i had windows 7 OS in drive c . while i was partitioning drive c using disk management, disk 0 which has all recovery image drive c were converted to simple type . how to come out of this problem.
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  1. i really didnt understand your problem
  2. I don't understand either. A disk is either simple or dynamic. It has nothing to do with being a primary partition.
  3. Hi,

    The first thing to do is to open the Disk Management utility in your computer. Disk Management can be opened by typing in “Create and format” in the search bar or it can be easily accessed by clicking “Computer ManagementèStorageèDisk Management” option in your control panel. All the partitions of your computer’s hard disk will be listed and all you need to do is to right click on the partition you want to resize. There are two options, either you can “shrink” or “extend” your partition space. Choose the option you prefer and enter the values in the column that appears thereafter. get more information and help for Windows 7 Partition hope this helps you.
  4. I my system also same thing has happened c drive turned from primary to simple volume while shrinking. Now i want to install ubuntu 11 in my laptop keeping windows 7 as same. Can install Ubuntu without causing any harm to boot process of current Windows 7 after wards.
  5. it seems your disk change to dynamic disk from basic disk, you could refer to this article to convert your dynamic disk back to basic disk.
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