Zalman 9500 CPU Cooler Question?

Well I have a Zalman 9500 HSF.

I recently somehow got to Zalman's website and went to my cooler and looked at it a bit and I eventually noticed something.

The cooler comes with 2 clips L and S type clips for different Oriented Retention motherboard guides. I myself didn't know they where not both to be used together from what I understand now.

So my question is this correct from what im comprehending? I should only have used one of the clips?

And my second question someday when I redo it which clip should I use?

Motherboard - ASUS P5B
Case - Antec Sonata 2

Thanks for any comments. Storm~
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  1. Well on my 130mm zalman i have the round one, you only use one hole on the bracket.
  2. Well if your cooler is working now and you got good temps then leave it as it is. What's your cpu temps anyways?
  3. Well I dont plan on redoing it anytime soon, just next time I take it off Ill only put one on.

    Second I put a TVTuner Card in computer last night and my temps have sorted changd by a few degrees ( C ), not sure if it is due to adding the card or just its getting nicer outside. Probably has gone down 3-4 degrees C.

    But as of right now as I type this, here are my temps.

    CPU - 42C
    Mobo - 29C
    Room Temp Normally anywhere from 72F* to 78F* whatever that is Celcius.

    Case - Sonata 2
    Processor - PD 805
    Mobo - ASUS P5B
    HSF - Zalman 9500

    And my case sidepanel is off at the moment that also could have something to do with it, it use to not help or even go up a degree or 2. Maybe it helps now.

    Normal idle 44C - 46C.
    Load probably about 52-55C

  4. I don't know your cpu is or hows your room temps but at 55c full load is okay but it's close to 60c. I don't if it's overclocked but you might want to reset that cooler and apply paper thin layer of thermal paste and mount it properly. I know it's getting cold as winter is coming but having your cooler installed correctly will give you lower temps and good overclocking as well. :wink:
  5. Its not overclocked, and im pretty sure the temps are as good as there gonna get. Im also pretty sure its seated fine.
  6. What kind of fan do you have on your case? Do you got one on the side panel that blows air towards the cpu cooler? If not then, you might want to mod it by installing a 120mm fan and a dremel tool would do the job. Trust me this mod can drop temps big time.
  7. First off I have 2 120mm Antec TriCool fans on high. + my HFS and the PSU Fans

    Second this wasn't about temps, it was about that I shouldn't have put both clips on my Zalman 9500 which is no big deal considering appearantly it didnt do any harm. So next time I take it off someday, ill only put one of them on.

    Thirdly now that you got me thinking of temps again, ( they use to hit 150-170F ). Reasonably from temps in the 70C's I think 42 to mid 50 at max C* isnt to bad.

    And about putting a hole in my comp to blow air to the cooler, I do not have one. My reason being I dont want to mess up a 100-120$ case and screw up, or it not help that much, not saying that it wont tho, it probably would. Just dont want to screw up, I actually have looked for a spare sidepanel for the Sonata 2 but I cant find one to buy.

    Storm any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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