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I've recently aquired, due to some bad sectors on my old wd2000jd hdd, a new Wester Digital hdd: wd2500ks and now I have both hdd's installed in the system.The problem is that now I can't access the smart information on the old drive (using either the wd diagnostic tools,speedfan or sisoft sandra). When I launch the wd diagnostic tools, the program detects that I have 2 wd2500ks hdd's and it provides the same smart information no matter what drive I choose.

I have an asus a7n8x-e deluxe motherboard with an onboard sata controller (SiI 3112a) with the wd2500ks on the first channel and the wd 2000jd on the second one. Now if I put the wd2000jd on the first channel and the 2500ks on the second one then the wd diagnostic tools report that I have 2 wd 2000jd hdd's which is very weird. At boot time the sata controller detects both hdd's just fine and there's no problem detecting the hdd's with either windows or linux.

I need the smart info on the wd 200jd hdd because before I had bought the new hdd it was reporting that it might be failing, it reported that the hdd had a lot of reallocated sectors and it failed the raw read error test.

So how can I correct this?
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  1. Might not be bad sectors - could be bad drive electronics or cable. A bad cable will crap out all sorts of things and could be intermitent.

    Check the drive jumpers and cable.

    What does it see in bios.

    Is it dual boot?

    I had trouble with a WD drive due to dual boot Vista RC1- 5600 and XP.
  2. Well I started having problems with the hdd when there was a power outage one night and the computer rebooted. I had lost some files and the smart info said that the hdd had sectors pending reallocation.

    The cable is ok and the drives don't have jumpers (I bought them this way).

    It is a dual boot (Gentoo Linux and Win XP)but I didn't have any problems with that.
  3. Basically what I want is to be able to acces both hdd's smart info. Currently I can only view the smat info on whichever hdd is on the first sata channel(which is weird).

    I've tried upgrading the drivers for my onboard sata controller, but it didn't help (I started having sound issues so I reverted to the drivers which came with the motherboard ), I have the latest bios on the motherboard, but I still can't acess both hdd's smart info.
  4. It could be the Nvidia Ide driver bug, try uninstalling the Ide drivers (which will roll it back to the windows drivers on restart). I know the problems are on a Sata drive but the storage problems on nvidia chipset boards are rooted in the ide drivers. And before some noob shoots down this advice because I don't have 2000 posts, I wanna say I have a version of that board, and built several nf2 machines 3 years ago and spent literally 100's of hours troubleshooting the oddball problems they would show. The ide/storage drivers from nvidia have had incompatibility problems going back to nf1, and haven't been addressed since nf2 driver pack 5.10. If that doesn't fix your probs it's very easy to reinstall those drivers.
  5. Well I tried uninstalling the nvidia ide drivers but it didn't solve my problem.
  6. Any more ideas???? Hasn't anyone encounter this problem besides me?
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