ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi Edition - 3dmark results too low?

Power Supply: Seasonic S12 600W SLI Certified
Motherboard: ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi Edition
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 4600+ 2.4GHz AM2
Memory: 2GB 533MHz DDR2
Graphics Cards: 2 x Nvidia 7900GT 256MB - running cards through SLI

recently installed the OS - XP pro.
installed ForceWare Version: 91.47 and nForce 590 SLI - Version: 9.35
amd cpu driver.

Looked at similar machines 3dmark06 results and they were up around 10,000.
best results I got were:

7375 3dMarks
SM2.0 Score: 3359
HDR/SM3.0 Score: 3332
CPU score: 1767

am I missing a driver or something?
Cards are running in SLi - disabled it and got 4000.
Thinking Im either missing a driver somewhere or put the wrong version of something on.
The asus site isnt the best for telling you all the drivers you need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. it just may be your ram. i used 05 and got 9191 with the almost exact same setup cept no sli, 667 mushkin and 7900gt 512mb..

    oh btw the cpu was @ 2.66

    i thnk it 'may' be ur ram slowing things down a bit.. iunno

    ill try 06 and tell you if its normal

    ( they may be using fx's or watever')

    dnt mind my sig its my old rig
  2. Thanks for replying, and for going to run 06.
    did you have any other drivers?
    Im not sure if i put on the MCP55 drivers from the asus site, looked the same as the nforce 590 drivers.
    Wonder if Ive got a bios setting wrong.
  3. ummm the mobo shouldve came with the disk... jus install the thingos on taht and there shouldnt be anyprob...

    no the bios (if you havent touched it) wouldnt have anything to do with it..

    we need an expert here lol some1 liek prozac or somthing

    ram ram ram ram ram ram ram =] why ddnt you get 800 or 667? ( ah.. money?) 533 is really not worth is on amd platforms
  4. The guys in the shop said to ignore the disk and get the drivers off the web.
    But wasnt entreily sure which ones I needed.
    So went with the ones I said. There doesnt seem to be a lot of drivers needed.
    So went with nforce and geforce drivers, and soundcard.
    There didnt appear to be anything else I needed. Upgraded the bios to the latest.
  5. welll if you do have any very nice friends who have 800 ram try it with that....

    i might not get tat 06 score soon my new comp havent got the net yet so yeah soryz mate maybe tmrw ill have some actuall help ><''
  6. no worries, thanks for the help and advice.
    I might install the nvidia MCP55 drivers on top of the nforce ones, see if that makes a difference.
    would 800's make that much of a difference over 533's ?

    Looked briefly at the 3dmark06 compare results, and machines with the same processor, memory and gpu's were way higher.

    Wonder where I can get a definitive list of MUST install and DONT install for the drivers.
  7. install the drivers off the disk!! then upgrade them if you need to. if there is a newer verison then use that. also, the timmings are more important then mhz, though getting 800mhz or 667mhz ram wouldnt hurt, my scores are in my sig. so id install the drivers off your disk, and try and lower you timings if you can
  8. Will do that tonight, will try removing old ones first rather than a full re-install of OS though.
  9. Did a full resintall with the supplied disk.
    odd things happened.
    3dmark06 came out at 4000 and the last test, in the very snowy place, was awful. lots of flickers and black bits all over the place.

    maybe the cards are dodgy.
  10. okok now i kno

    i got 5100 somthing with my 4600+ @ 2.66ghz and a 7900gt 512mb 667

    you dnt need to worry.. i guess yeah you do need to update to the latest drivers.

    the 9000points you saw was prolly a gtx orrr they used fx 60/c2d

    its not always about the benchmarks remebr taht =]
  11. Ta, got to rebuild again, it really didnt like the drivers from the supplied disk.
    an update didnt seem to fix it.
    Going to install lates:

    nforce 5 drivers
    nvidia forceware

    Going to avoid like the plague the weird network acceleration nvidia supply for the board, its kinda weird.
  12. Quote:
    Ta, got to rebuild again, it really didnt like the drivers from the supplied disk.
    an update didnt seem to fix it.
    Going to install lates:

    nforce 5 drivers
    nvidia forceware

    Going to avoid like the plague the weird network acceleration nvidia supply for the board, its kinda weird.

    No surprises there. I never ever install from the disk, as a rule of thumb, unless absolutely necessary (e.g. Can't get toweb unless I install NIC drivers, F8 during setup, etc). Always use the latest drivers whenever possible lest you risk a BSOD that won't go away.

    Were the other machines overclocked? Have you updated your motherboard BIOS? Did you close out of all of the programs running in the background? Do you have an anti-virus/firewall running? Did you make sure you have no spyware or otherwise on the computer?
  13. Also, 600 Watts seems a touch low for dual-SLI. Have you checked your voltages? Drooping rails don't always cause a crash.

    Have you checked your temps? Is anything getting overly hot?
  14. all temps and voltages within acceptable parameters.
    all non essential software was off.

    the last test was on a bare system when the graphics went south.
    As is said, dodgy driver disk.

    updated the bios, was the first thing I did.
    Do you reckon I should install amd processor drivers or fixes?
  15. Definately. There's also a MS hotfix for multi-processor systems you should install.

    Be sure to go to AMD's website and install any patches they might have for your proc.
  16. Willdo that tonight,
  17. Did you verify the clock settings on the graphics cards and CPU of the system you are comparing against yours? Many 7900GT cards come factory overclocked, not to mention possible OCing by the user. Same thing goes for the setting used in 3DMark06? Was the same resolution and options used?
  18. Yep, had a look at the clock settings. Though the mobo has everything set to Auto.
    Reinstalled again, everything appears to run fine. Got zonealarm on with no problems this time.

    Run 3dmark06 and the the firefly demo has big jaggy blag lines running through it, and the machine either hangs completely, or I get a nice screen full of multicolored vertical lines.

    Think the cards are fubar'd.
  19. think i know what the problem is.
    lookee here:

    and here:

    google for 7900gt 3dmark06 artifacts

    It seems they are being RMA'd like they are going out of fashion.
    I suspect mine was made long before they fixed them.
  20. I have a similar setup but my 3dmk06 scores are only 5500 or so. Thats with everything cool and stock settings. Not sure if thats good or not. Im running Corsair XMS PC26400 although times are not as advertised. (5-5-5-18). havent tinkered with it. The only mark6 test that runs like cr-p is the CPU test where framerate is 0-1. Dont know if my score is "good" or not. most running 3Dmark05 have scores closer to 10k.
  21. The cards are fubar.
    I found that using ntune, if I underclocked the cards (both gpu and mem), I could complete 3dmark06 artifiact free. However the score was around 4000 or so.

    Gives me a score slightly less than that of a single 7900GT.

    I found by downgrading the geforce drivers I could get through firefly forest, bu artifacts at around 1400 frames in deep frieze.
    clocks at anything more than 453 (GPU) and 598 (effective mem 1198), result in artifacts in firefly and crash loading the cpu tests.

    Anyway evga said to RMA em.
    They argued the toss a lot less than the computer shop i bought them from.

    They will lend me a card till the new ones arrive though. It seems a whole load of cards were recalled by both evga and xfx, but evga are being very good about the problem, but I'll only know for sure when I get the new ones.

    After 7 days of extensive testing of cpu, memory, OS and drivers, I have a very expensive pretty black box.
  22. Quote:

    Anyway evga said to RMA em.
    They argued the toss a lot less than the computer shop i bought them from.


    They generally cost a lot less than what you paid?
  23. typos?

    What I was trying to get across was that EVGA immediately responded with a positive response, ie that the cards are faulty and should be returned.

    EVGA were pretty straighforward and when I told them the cards didnt work properly in SLI mode unless I underclocked them a lot. Two posts on their forum. The first saying there was a problem, the second saying it was in sli mode, a single card worked ok.
    Their immedaite response said to send them back to EVGA.

    The shop I bought the system from had never heard of the problem, despite there being dozens of furums full of people with the same problem.

    On concting their distributor, the shop found that for some mysterious they had absolutely no 7900GT KO's in stock, and apparently they are the biggest distributor in Europe.

    So it looks like Im going to have a fair sized bundle of money lining a bench in the computer shop I bought my gear from.

    Yes, the shop would have got them for a lot less than I paid for them, but profit is profit, and business's like to try and keep hold of it.
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