BFG 7600GS or XFX

Can you help me decide between a BFG 7600 GS AGP and the XFX 7600 GS AGP. They seem nearly identical and about the same price. It's the memory speeds that confuse me a bit really. Thanks in advance
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  1. I'm curious what you're upgrading from? And quite honestly I might consider eVGA card if you're stuck on that particular card just due to their warranty and 90-day upgrade option.

    What is your current card and whats your budget for the upgrade card? If you are sticking with AGP for a while it might be in your best interest to go with a 7800GS instead depending on what current card you have.
  2. i've got an AIW 9800se but it sucks hard at the mo. I just want an agp £100 ish card to get a bit of a performance boost. i looked at the 7800 but there usually a bit more and i'm a student so i really shouldn't be spending the money anyways. I'm going to upgrade my ram as well.
  3. Im going to answer your question. I would go with XFX. they have a nice metal bar at the top and the warranty is 2x lifetime so its a little bit better. both companies are great from what ive read.
  4. I'm not sure what the exchange rate is in US dollars but I think if you're spending that much then it wouldn't be much more stretch to hit this card would it?

    If thats doable you'd see much better performance than the GS version. You can see on the VGA charts Here the improvement for that extra $40(US). Might be worth considering if you need to stick with AGP for a while. Not to mention the fact I'm not sure the GS would be a very big leap in performance over your current card.

    I hope that helps some. If you absolutely must go with the 7600GS tho I'd choose XFX just because I've heard several people complaining about some BFG cards lately but thats speculation and to be taken with a grain of salt. :D
  5. answeing the question.

    BFG. best freakin graphic-card-make :)

    no, BFG has great support, need to RMA, or tech support BFG is top. i'd put Evga second.
  6. well if thats your only choice, go with the vid card with the highest numbers and dont worry about brand cus BFG and XFX are both good. (by higher i mean clock/memory speeds) cus i know XFX does alot of over clocking on their cards.

    now as far as model, the 7600GS is pretty weak compared to a 7600GT, say like by about half! both are AGP, both are pretty close in price, but the 7600GT in AGP is hard to find.

    good luck picking one out. 8)
  7. Ok so i found a 7600 gt does it matter about memory size it's 256mb is that ok ?
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