thermal compound paste thickness

how think or thin should you apply the thermal paste? any scientific proof out there?

do you apply to cpu only OR heatsink only OR CPU and heatsink?

Thanks for all the help...
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  1. only CPU, just a thin layer is enough
    most of the time i put a little bit on the CPU and spread it with a piece of a box (like the box of a graphics card) just spread it like butter, make sure everywhere on the CPU has a little bit.
    place the heatsink on the cpu, but before you secure hem, twist it a little bit, with almost NONE downforce, to make sure you've got a good contact between thermal compound and heatsink. twist it only a few degrees!!
    threat it like a lady, gentle and smooth.
    secure the heatsink, and done

    put a little on the CPU
    spread it
    if it's not enough to cover a thin layer on the whole CPU, put a little more
    spread it if you needed to apply a little more.
    clean the green sides of the cpu with a soft, no fluffing cloth, if you smudged on it.
    align your heatsink
    place you heatsink on the CPU
    twist the heatsink a few degrees to the left, right and back
    secure the heatsink
    visual inspection retention mechanism and CPU, to make sure no thermal grease oozed of of place
    feel careful if the heatsink is properly secured and fitted.

    be careful the fist times you do this and don't hurry because you probably not want to burn something, but don't be afraid it's something you learn very fast.
  2. Follow the thermal paste manufacturer's instructions for your particular CPU.
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