Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 quality?

What is peoples experiance with the DS3, is it a board worth looking into as an alternate to my current horrible Asus P5B Basic. I am looking to overclock my machine, and the Asus Doesnt Support some key features.

What is the max X6800 Multiplier is?
What is the max Memory Voltage?
Has anyone ran into problems overclocking on this motherboard?
Do anyone have any experiance with the X6800 and this MoBo?

I know this motherboard has some memory issues with certain types of memory, but my memory is on the supported list, so I dont need this information.

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  1. ive got one and i really like it.

    although i dont have an e6800 i think you will not have any problems OC your cpu with this board.

    the only memory voltage problem it has is the same as all other boards that also take regular DDR2 ram. the stock voltage for all mobo's (to my knowledge) is 1.8v on the DIMM. i used G.Skill DDR@ 800 1.9V and it booted fine. if your ram is rated at 2.0v or higher all you need to do is boot up with a cheap stick of DDR2 @ 1.8v and change the voltage to whatever you ram needs in the bios.

    as for quality, it does have the "solid cpacitors" and i have heard that they are supposed to last for 5 years, but im not completely sure about that one.

    you will need to research what the max multiplier for your cpu is, because the mobo will not tell you unless you have that chip.

    as of yet i have not had any issues with OC'ing, im using a P4 630 and have taken it up to 3.9ghz. i would recomend this motherboard to other people. the one thing that most people miss is that this mobo only has 1 IDE slot, so you must have SATA drives. if all you have is 2 IDE cd drives, then this board is perfect.
  2. My experiance with addon PATA boards has been poor, and to see these devices built into the motherboard scares me. The problem usually exists with Optical Drives Readers and Writers. The SCSI -> PATA process sometimes screws up the ability for these devices to work. Has anyone successfully used duel PATA optical drives for extended periods of time with these mobos?
  3. im using 2 optical drives currently and havent had any probs. all i can really say is this board is quality.
  4. Turns out the Gigabyte uses the JMicron Device, though it seems the giga-byte version has 2 more SATA devices attached to it...

    Anyways, I finally had enough... I bought the S3...

    Anyone wants a Fairly New Asus P5B?

  5. You should try the Asus P5B-Deluxe. :twisted: :roll: :twisted:
  6. Hi
    well DS3 is like S3, so you take a look at it E6300 could reach 3.5GHz.
  7. The quality of the DS3 is much better then the quality of P5B. The solid compacitor design makes me feel much more confident that the Motherboard will hold up against many types of power. In addition I am able to actually Overclock the X6800 processor by 20% with very little change in the processor voltage. Its very nice knowing that you have a solid pc overclock that uses a lower voltage then almost every overclocker around uses for the same settings.

    The only problem I am having is that the DS3 has problems with the Corsair 8500 memory, running at 1066. I currently have it OCed to 3500mhz with a memory speed of 950mhz. I would like to find out why 1066 wont run even in standard non-overclocked mode.


    PS. My Active Northbridge heatsink is not compatable with the DS3. I will be selling this with my Asus on EBAY.
  8. I'm looking to purchase a C2D compatible board as soon as possible. i thought i had made my decision (GA-965P-DS4) but ....

    I've read many stories about RMA'd gigabyte DS3 boards. From the chatter on the forums, it is really difficult to tell how prevalent this problem is. How common are hardware problems on the DS3/DS4/Q6?

    How many RMA'd boards have real hardware problems, or are people returning boards that could be fixed with BIOS upgrades (i.e. the 1.8V ram problem)?

    I've heard equivalent problems with my other board choice ASUS P5B...

    I'm just looking for a rock-solid board for a E6600 C2D, my overclocking will be minimal ... any advice?

    Just roll the dice and hope i get a good DS3 or DS4?
    Does spending the extra for a DQ6 get me any more stability?

  9. I have no problems with the DS3, except I am running into a wall with the OCing (around 3400+)

    Their is no defects as I know with my board. But some things are not working like I want them to be. It handles my processor much better then the Asus. I own a X6800...

    Most people dont have any problem with any of the products... seems like the X6800 is slowly getting more and more support from the Bios writers.

    I had allot of problems with the Asus. Infact, I would love to sue them over their claim that the Asus P5B Basic is a X6800 compatable motherboard. No other Core2Duo has had the problems with this motherboard.

    I recommend Gigabyte, but if you want a cheap OCing board try this
  10. I have the DS3 and have been very happy with so far. BIOS updates keep making it better and better.

    I've had 2 optical drives hooked up for a while now and haven't had any issues since an early driver update fixed a problem that kept them locked in PIO mode.

    I'm running the E6400 on it and might consider getting a nicer 975 board if I was dropping the coin for the X6800 and wanting to overclock to the max.
  11. Quote:

    Isn't that the same ASUS P5B that you were b!tching about earlier in the forums? Here and here. The same one you couldn't get to overclock like you wanted it to? And now you're trying to pawn it off on someone who is considering superior boards.
  12. Yep, thats the one...

    But I think its the processor + mobo + memory that was the problem

    I also HATE Asus...


    But you cant beat that price... not when you get a NB 3rd party active heatsink.

    I have bitched about Asus all over these forums... and I hate them for all the missery (and money) they have caused me.

    But there are plenty of Asus Fanboys around here who will sware by this and other products. I know someone who said they got 400 fsb with this mobo.
  13. So far the GA-965P-DS3 has been completely stable with Patriot DDR2-800 and 7900GT. I'm not much of an OCer but got my E6600 stable to 3.2 with the F7 Bios and ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro. Did Notice the North Bridge heatsink getting hot so I got some Zip ties and strapped on a 30mm fan.

    Also, the two Raptors in Raid-0 are working without a hitch.

    I also bought that Asus P5B first but then later read that it did not have onboard Raid-0 support. I Kept the board and will use it for a basic Conroe office setup once prices drop. Should of done a little more research on this one.
  14. UPDATE: I have additional information about the GS3. The GS3 + X6800 + Corsairs 8500c5 + 318-322mhz FSB + 11x Multiplier = Failure of PCI (im not sure about PCI-E) devices.

    I dont know why this happens, but these FSB settings will pass Memtest and Prime95, but I noticed that the ATA devices, and that the PCI devices (sound card on PCI) would both start and stop working.

    I droped the FSB to 300 and it no longer happens
  15. I just built my new rig with a DS3. First board from Gigabyte and I'm impressed so far. I'm using Corsair PC2-8500 and it boots with no problems whatsoever - I totally forgot to change the voltage, too. I should probably do that, though.
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