Mobile Nvidia 6800Pro 256MB vs PCIE 7600GS or 7600GT w/ 256

OK, it's an odd queston I know.

My main PC is currently a laptop with an Nvidia 9800Pro with 256mb.
I recall reading this GPU was actually more like an 9700Pro Desktop version.

I consider the performance of this GPU as sufficient for my needs.

I presume that both versions of the 7600 would blow this card away.
(I would place it in a PC - not my laptop for those curious)

Just a bit of a sanity check.
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  1. First sanity check, there is no GF6800Pro, nor does nV make a 9800Pro, you're confusing nV and ATi.

    Simply put the GF7600GS will be only a bit better than the R9800P and the GF7600GT will be noticeably better.
  2. It was a Mobile 6800.
  3. Quote:
    It was a Mobile 6800.

    In which case it will be even more so.

    GF7600GS will be about the same and the GF7600GT reasonably better, but less than it was with the R9700/9800P.
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