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I was just wondering if you could install Mac OS X on a custom PC that I will be building in a few weeks. The Mac OS has to be at least snow leopard so that I can upgrade it to mountain lion and further. I want it to be almost exactly like apple bootcamp (, where at startup you can choose either to start up as windows 7 or Mac using alt tab (I think). I need the mac os for everything including editing, and I need the windows os for gaming. If there us any performance limitations such as limited ram or 5% overall decrease, please let me know.
My specs are located here:
I am just wondering if this is a possibility, and please tell me if I need to do anything special with the BIOS or anything like that
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  1. Google... HACKINTOSH
  2. ^ Exactly you can find what hardware is best to run a Hackintosh just google it. Some motherboards work better than others so if you really what to run one you need to get hardware that is going to work for it.
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    ^ hint : hackintosh favors mobo from gigabyte and asus :)
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