Will Athlon64 3200+ Seriously bottleneck the x1900xt?

I just ordered a x1900xt 256mb and i was wondering something. Will my Athlon64 3200+ (not overclocked) bottleneck the x1900? If so, how much do you think it will be affected?
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  1. Not one bit.

    Any modern CPU is fine.
  2. Your 3200+ is great, like Prozac said.

    Sure, a superfast CPU might do a better job, but it'd only be noticable at low resolutions. At high resolutions, it's the graphics cards that provides the most bottleneck, and with an X1900 XT you're going to be playing at high resolutions...
  3. I wouldnt completly agree with that, as there are certain games like source for example that will feel a bit slow. Even with mine at 2.5 ghz there are inherant slowdowns.
  4. THG did a review on what would bottle neck the X1900XTX and it said that for AMD you needed 2.4ghz, im not sure where the article is, but I will attempt to find it.


  5. Just chill out with all this bottle neck talk - the new GFX card will make your system faster in games, especially at high detail / high res... Just enjoy it...
  6. Quote:
    I wouldnt completly agree with that, as there are certain games like source for example that will feel a bit slow. Even with mine at 2.5 ghz there are inherant slowdowns.

    You mean unplayable framerates (below 30), or a controlled test you've run?
  7. No not below playable. A noticeable framerate drop from over 100 fps to 60 or just below. If anything even music is running in the backround my frate drops, I really really hate this processor. Which shouldnt happen at all, with 4x AA and 8x AF on 1280x1024.
  8. Probably not processor.
  9. cleeve is a thg tester/writer btw
  10. IMO you'll be fine.
  11. In games like source which are highly cpu dependant, its almost guaranteed that the processor is in fact at fault in the slow downs. I know my x1900xt isnt the culprit.
  12. yeah.. i would definately OC to a minumum of 2.4 ghz.. otherwise you will run into a big bottleneck.. they did an article maybe 6 months back talking about how you need at least a 3.0/3.2ghz P4 or a 2.4ghz AMD 64...
  13. Yes, they are CPU dependant, but Source ran fine on my old 1GHz Thunderbird.

    Also, there are other factors that will cause slowdown, a CPU can't suddenly slow down unless it throttles.
  14. i cant say for the 3200 (it is probably) the most overclockable cpu
    amd ever made (the opterons are bad)=ass.

    but from personal experience with

    and NOW mid range vid-cards x800xl,68gt,(single and sli),and 76gts

    i cant see any diff cpu wise or gpu wise except for 68gts in sli
    and the 68gts in sli make my 2 gigs act like one gig (of memory that is)

    i use a 3200 at work but dont mess with it (oc) that is
    it does automotive office work (alldata) is 100gbs of hdd space alone
  15. Not a chance.The ATHLON64 is made for gaming.In fact the BARTON cores are still to be recond with when it comes to gaming.But seriously,the days of a cpu bottlenecking a video card are long over.Pretty much any modern processor will enhance gaming,not choke it.Goodluck.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.4 S-939
    2X7800GT IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    EXTREME 19IN.MONITOR 1280X1024
  16. Actually it is a bottleneck. Nothing you can fix, but do you guys ever notice how well GPU based synthetic marks (3Dmarks) and gaming scores scale well with with newer CPU's?? They still require CPU horsepower no matter what people say. That said, a 3200 should be fine.....be nice if you could even get a litte overclock on that thing to boot.
  17. will run like no tomorrow 8)
  18. Yeah, while not a big issue IMO seeing how he has an A64, certain games or even parts of a game he will be CPU limited even with an A64. Check how CPU bound some parts of the GPU killer Oblivion can get.
  19. Hell, there's still even a slight bottleneck with a single X1900XT with my X2 present....although not as much - its still there.
  20. I was surprised to see complete CPU bottleneck with a 2.6GHz 1MB cache A64 in the town benchmark. The X1800XT, X1900XT, and crossfire X1900XT scored the same fps at each cpu speed. Of course, there will be even lower fps in other parts of Oblivion because of the GPU.
  21. I've said it before, and your only helping to prove my point (thanks bud) you need a decent CPU to back you.

    My biggest catch onto this way with my 148. Without overclocking the GPU at all, the difference between scores @ stock 2200mhz and 3Ghz was rather impressive. CPU still plays a large part in your performance.
  22. Quote:
    Even with mine at 2.5 ghz there are inherant slowdowns.

    There's going to be slowdowns regardless of your CPU.

    Regardless, an X1900 XT isn't going to be crippled by a 3200+.

    From what i can tell, all of those CPU benchmarks at Anand were 1024x768... Who uses an X1900 XT at 1024x768?

    One title in 100 might perform like Oblivion and show a notable difference, but even that was limited to about 10 fps for 800 Mhz of CPU clockspeed.

    While a faster CPU might be better, it's not like an e6800 would provide you with a totally different gaming experience... my two cents, anyway.
  23. OK, coming late on this but I have two things here I want to say/ask :1 The benches at anands was at 12-10 admitidly not alot of difference but some,and wont that escsolate as you raise you rez's? And 2:As we see in Oblivion,it does happen,albeit slightly,but with alot of eye candy at stake for those prescious fraps.And wont the soon to be out future games be of this demanding nature?
  24. CPUs will get more important, but so will video cards.

    The bottom line is, if you have a 3200+ and a decent but aging video card - like, say, a 7600 GT or X850 XT - you're wayy better off spending your cash on an X1900 XT than a Core Two Duo E6800.
  25. True,gotta have em to ever have the eye candy
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