New System Won't Post Please Help!!!!!

I just built my first pc. When I turn on the power the fans turn on and the motherboard light is on, but my LCD screen says there is no signal. The system power LED lights up when i push the power buttons but goes off after a second. Help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. I have a Core 2 duo e6700, Asus P5B motherboard, 2 GB OCZ Ram 2x 320 GB seagate 7200.10 hard drives, eVGA 7950 GT graphics card, a thermaltake 500W power supply and a DVD burner.
  2. I tried connecting the monitor with DVI first but when that didn't work I used my DVI to VGA adapter and it still didn't work.
  3. The 6-pin power connector for the graphics card is connected, however I did have a difficult time installing the graphics card. Does the graphics card snap into place so that I can know if its installed properly?
  4. you may have a DOA card. But like mpilch said, make sure that everything that needs power has power.
  5. I reinstalled the graphics card, but the monitor is still not getting a signal. Maybe i did recieve a DOA card.
  6. Before I RMA the card is there anything else that could be causing this problem???
  7. Check memory compatibilty with MB requirements. Pay close attention to rated voltage for both. There are other likely causes (PSU) to check before you RMA the video card.
  8. I just checked in my motherboard manual and it doesn't list my OCZ RAM. I dont know what the voltage requirements are for the RAM though.
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