Whats more beneficial while OC'ing?

..Typically speaking....

Running faster CPU speed while having the memory speed bumped down (as to not exceed its max stability). Or a more moderate CPU speed and allowing the memory to run at or slightly over its rated speed?

ie: If I run the CPU (OC'ed Athlon 3200) at 2600Mhz, I have to have the memory set at 133Mhz (or it runs unstable). During POST it actually runs at 173Mhz. And the system is relatively stable; temps fine)

But if I run the CPU at 2400-2500Mhz, and set the memory to 166, it runs at 200-208Mhz and actually seems faster, and just as stable.

So as far as minor gain goes, is the frequency of the memory more beneficial at a certain point then running it slower in order to crank the CPU frequency higher?
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  1. Unless you explained this rong you shouldnt be running the memory this slow even at 2600mhz. Running your ram at 133 may also cause problems. You wana keep it 190-210 with generic stuff. OCZ gold series pc3200 can handle 235-245 sometimes stable.

    Also keep in mind you want to keep a 1:1 ratio as much as possible. meaning if im not rong, Upping the FSB and not ratioing the memory so keep the setting in the bios at pc3200/DDR400 then up the fsb now understand with cheap gerneric crap you wont get far doing this because it will max around 210mhz on the ram. If you buy some decent pc4000 or so you will be able to keep the 1:1 ratio longer. Because pc4000 is rated at like 250 or so? right which means you can up the fsb 50mhz no problems.
  2. No, running it at 133 in the bios means that at a 2600 overclock the memory is actually running at 172.

    And in my experience, CPU speed is always > memory speed in terms of overall performance.
  3. its better to run your ram as fast as possible, it wont mater how fast your cpu is if your ram is way underclocked, bottleneck.
  4. Correct. With it set at 133 in the BIOS and the CPU at 2600, during POST the RAM runs at 173. I dont quite understand how that calculates to '173' but I gave up trying to figure it out.

    So in order to get the memory to run a little quicker, I backed the CPU down to 2500 Mhz, and set the memory back up to 166.. Now it runs at 208, and it seems a bit faster this way.

    If I run the CPU at 2600 Mhz and leave the memory at 166, it actually runs somewhere over 216, cant remember exactly, but I havent checked it as far as stability. I've just been going by the rule of thumb that anything over 215 isn't ideal.

    As for brand, its just Patriot DDR400/PC3200 dual channel.
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