ASRock Onboard LAN Help!!!!

New build w/939Dual-SATA2 onboard lan doesnt work windows xp pro ,device manager shows as ? mark with it.
have tryed to install drivers seems like driver update completed but windows device manager still shows w/? mark! and says no drivers installed!
have tryed unstalling hardware in divice manager and reintalling but same thing says no drivers installed????

(M/b it has Realtek RTL8201CL 10/100 Ethernet LAN PHY 802.3u, WOL supported) from ASRock's site

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  1. Did you install the chipset drivers. With out this driver all of the hardware will not work.

    Do a complete inventory of all of the hardwares I/O on your board. Then verify what is missing. Sometimes widows will miss identify hardware.
  2. I think we installed all the drivers? we installed all the stuff on the disc that came with the Motherboard CD it lists 4 to choose from
    1 AGP driver
    2 USB 2.0 driver
    3 SATA driver
    4 K8 CPU driver
    we also installed the Utilitys stuff
    the directx 9 and adobe
    not sure what else to do for installing how would I find out if I got the chip set drivers installed?
  3. That's Strange.

    They generally supply all the drivers for the motherboard. It almost sound like they put the wrong cd in the box.

    Check the mfg web site again. below is there link.

    The lates BIOS was v1.5 released 12/08/05

    Lan driver v3.5

    Download and install the lan driver. and BIOS if not current.
  4. yes both of those are the drivers I have on the CD that came with the motherboard. we also downloaded the lan driver again using my old pc and burned it to disc and tryed to install it but it just goes through the install, it seems like it should be a done deal! says install complete, but in the device manager it shows that the .....(cant remember exactly how windows named it?) no drivers are installed for this device.
    the D-link network card I have installed now is listed as a network device but that is not how the device manager it listed the onboard lan .....why the heck cant I remember what windows called it?
    any other thoughts I can try? I would like to free up the pci slot being that the x850xt-pe is covering one of the only 3 that are available and the sound card is using one!
  5. I've all most run out of sugestions.

    When you put the drive cd in. Does it show any drivers not installed?

    Do you have the interupts set to be controlled by MB or Windows?
    I recomend MB, I don't think MS is smart enough to get it right.

    I was building a pc from old part. Installed what I thought was a modem card. It came it it was a PNA network card.

    I have used for locating hard to find drivers in the past. You may want to try it. It's free, just requires registeration.

    Maybe blow the bios setting away to factory and set backup.

    If all else fails:
    Try contacting the mfg (asrocks). Its posiable you have a defective board.
  6. Thanks for all the susgestions!
    I will try to contact ASRock and see what they tell me to do!
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