PC finally Crashed. CPU or MOTHERBOARD?

Today is a very bad day lol.

Ok i went upstairs and turned my monitor on. And noticed my mouse cursor was stuck

I then powerd over the computer and then booted it and got nothing.

i changed video card, diff monitor, and still got no progress at all.

My monitor just showed no signal. Also i didn't get a bios.

i can't even see the bios. Now Is this the CPU or the Motherboard?


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  1. Its not easy to determine wheter there was CPU or MOBO failure, or maybe memory failure. Because if one of these fails completely you will get the symptoms your PC has. The easiest way to discard any problem is simply testing your memory and Cpu in another PC if possible, if both worked your are probbably looking at a motherboard failure
  2. well im pretty sure even with no CPU in the socket you will still see a bios.

    im getting nothing.

    Also my mouse isn't lighting on boot, im pretty sure my motherboard is dead.

    the system boots and sounds fine. I got 2 seperate memory dimms in there.. i guess i can take one out and see but i doubt that will cause this type of a display error.

    I don't have any other compents such as CPU, or another motherboard to test this on.

    Socket A is pretty cheap, After a few more mess arounds i think im gonna just order a mobo on newegg there only like 45$ now.

    Also awhile ago one of the LAN ports just died on the Mobo, that was a sign awhile ago the mobo is defective.

    i'll keep snooping around on it.
  3. Quote:
    well im pretty sure even with no CPU in the socket you will still see a bios.

    Wrong. The board will not post a BIOS screen but it should beep some sort of no CPU error code (assuming the board works properly).

    If other components have or are failing on the motherboard, then you're most likely right in that the board has died, but I would take very carefull notice on how well your HSU works with the new board. Make sure you've cleaned all of the dust out of it and the fan spins up immediately.
  4. New Update.

    I have took all memory out, and im getting NO beep Codes.

    Changed Mem Slots, used 1 stick, both stick .. tried all diff combo's..

    The Head Sink Fan unit powers on immediately so does the Graphics Card Fan.

    About Dust.. My system is extremely Clean i run Dust Cleans every 2 months, and just recently did one, so all the fans are working excellent.

    Any Other Tests i might be able to try to slim down if it's the MOBO or CPU.

    WIth the NO BEEPING im going with the Mobo.

    About a year ago one of the LAN ports just died. So ... the board coulda been on its way out since then.

    I Don't have another processor to pop in there.

    Im running an Asus A7N8X deluxe with XP2800+ that's socket A..?? i forgot it's been awhile.

    oh well off to newegg shortly to look for a new socket A mobo Replacement.

    Any Other comments, feel free.

  5. Your board can actually "talk" to you although I don't remember if it was a feature you actually had to set up first.

    I would strip the board of everything (including the CPU, RAM, graphics card, HDs, CD-Roms etc...) and try to turn it on. You should get all sorts of alarms or crazy computer talk telling you that something's wrong, but also telling you the motherboard is working. Then start plugging things back in one at a time. Try to boot each time you plug something back in.

    Your system is Socket A and if you did any overclocking with it, you won't find any decent Socket A OC'g boards on Newegg for cheap. In fact only one is worthy (better than your Asus in fact) and that would be the EPoX EP-8RDA3+ PRO but it's very hard to recommend at $69.99

    Also, be prepared. If the board did go, don't be shocked if it took the CPU with it as well.
  6. Could still be PSU, Fans are 12V. try measuring volts with DVM, they are very cheap. Can you borrow a PSU from a friend? PSU is easy to test with, as you don't need to install it in the case, just connect tp motherboard. You should already be testing with no drives connected!
  7. Like Mike99 wrote, this could be a psu failure. Having everything go dead like that isn't just a bad mobo.

    Other thing I can think of is to pull the battery from the CMOS, switch the jumper for a few seconds to reset the BIOS to stock, and then try powering up. I've had a corrupted BIOS do the same to my old ASUS A7N8X. Reset it, and everything worked. For that matter, the battery might have just died and needs replacement.
  8. hmm.. Yea im gonna really run a fine tooth comb through it very soon.

    I did sorta think it might be a battery for the board. But if the battery went dead, i would get NO video signal being sent to the monitor?

    I did take out the battery for a second or so and then put it back, but i didn't play around with the Jumpers.

    That will be my Next Step.

    I don't have another PSU handy to run it into my MOBO. But if i test the voltage on the MObo Connector. What is the readout on that?

    I'm Getting the Green Light on the board, so i know the board is infact atleast getting power. or atleast the green light is on.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks alot fellas.
  9. Ok, about the battery, the only symptoms of non-working battery is the fact that every time now or then you loose your saved Bios settings. Although everything else would act normally. The thing for reseting the jumper is to clear all Bios settings, in case there is any conflicts, corruption in the Bios settings itself, apart from that you should not worry much about the battery. About the PSU, it its good the board is getting power but that DOES NOT MEAN, that when you turn your pc, the components are getting the power they need, or maybe they wont get power, so dont rule out your PSU yet.
  10. Quote:
    Ok, about the battery, the only symptoms of non-working battery is the fact that every time now or then you loose your saved Bios settings. Although everything else would act normally.

    One time I lost a battery and the computer wouldn't read the hard drive. I thought the drive was bad until it worked on another computer just fine. Replaced the battery, and everything was back to normal. That was before XP, when you could swap drives between computers without the OS going ape.
  11. yea i gotta check the PSU deff, cause if it's not getting power to the AGP slot, then obviously that will be a main reason the Graphics isn't getting power.
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