My first build. Need suggestions.

Ok, since I cant upgrade my older computers much, I have decided to build my own. I know a good deal more than most people, but not as much as you all. I know how to build the hardware part of the computer, just not much about the software. I have to start from scratch, I have no parts.

I have a $750-$850 budget, and am going mostly for gaming. I would like a MOBO with 2 pci-e16x so, if this works out, I can sli or crossfire the rig. What would be the cheaper option? AMD and ATI, or INTEL and NVIDIA? I want to at least have X2 or PD, prefer C2D. I know more about Intel and Nvidia than I do of ATI and AMD. But it doesnt matter.

I dont have any configurations as of yet. I was hoping you guys could suggest me a few things. Basically, I want the best bang for the buck, and easy intallation. This is going to be my first complete build, I have installed memory, GPU, and a few other things. They have worked fine.

Thanks guys, any suggestions are appreiciated.

I like this CASE
because its cheap, atx, 3 fans, nice size. Dont care about the lights. Just a thought.
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  1. I have mouse, keyboard, monitor, and speakers. I forgot to let you all know that.

    I also just made a quick list at Newegg. AMD and ATI.


    Small HDD









    That was just what I made up in about 10 minutes. Let me know what you huys think.
  2. Hello, good build although I suggest changing several things: Buy dual channel Ram, That means buying to 512 memory sticks instead of one 1gb stick. You could spend $16 more dolars and buy a DVD/CD burner which is much better option. If you could get a better board. I also recommend taking a look at a Core 2 Duo option which also has cheap processors (e6300). Also forget those X850XT with no SM 3.0, if you want a good card with lastest technology look for the X1K radeon series, or the Nvidia 6 and 7 series. Both of the 6 and 7 series I had very good experiences with.
  3. Yes, I like the C2D, would you prefer the 6300 to the AMD I chose?

    Well, I plan to add SLI or crossfire later, year or two. I can suffice with only 1 GPU for now, but prefer to get a mobo that will work with them later. Whats wrong with the MOBO? It comes with $30 rebate.

    Do you suggest Nvidia or ati?

    I know that I dont have to use ati and amd together, or intel and nvidia together. I just think it will be easier to build like that.

    What PSU do you suggest?

    I am not going to be doing hard core gaming, just moderate-low high. So i think 1 gig will suffice. I am trying to keep this low priced.
  4. I dont care about burners. roms will do.
  5. So I have to use SLI for C2D, when I get it?

    Let me know if you can make me a list of stuff. I like your idea of waiting until dual core drops. Should I stick to AMD or Intel?

    Here is what I got with your new suggestions.
    HHD, OS, CD, and Case are the same.

    Prefer AM2 or 939 sckt?

    If I wanted to, should I upgrade now my cpu, or Ram to 2gigs?

    Total is $713.
  6. Btw, SLI to me is a waste of money, especially with DX10 around the bend. Better to get a one card solution.


    CPU: E6300 - $180
    Mobo: ASUS P5NSLI - $127
    HDD: I know this is much bigger than the one you choose, but for twice the money, you get 4 times the storage, a 16MB cache and a perpendicular drive. Can't beat it for the price. Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB Perpendicular Drive - $95
    Memory: PQI Turbo 1GB - $95. I would get a 1GB stick for now instead of 2x512MB to put into dual channel mode. You'll want 2x1GB in dual channel mode when VISTA comes out. I'm sure you can upgrade your computer in 9 months or so and get an extra gig of RAM then. ;-) And, C2D does not need DDR2 800 unless you are planning on OC'ing.
    Video Card: X850XT - $126
    Case & PSU Your case and PSU cost over a hundred dollars after shipping. For less, you can get a heck of a lot better case and PSU bundled as one. Antec Sonata II with 450W PSU - $100.50
    Drive: NEC 3550A - $35

    Total: $859.50 including OS


    CPU: A64 3500+ Socket AM2 - $89
    Mobo#1: ASUS M2N-E - $100
    Memory: PQI Turbo - $108. With an AMD AM2 system, you need the faster DDR2 800 memory. Anything slower won't cut the mustard.

    Everything else the same.

    Total: $754.50 including OS

    Now, you could get the A64 X2 4200+ AM2 - $189, it'll be 5 bucks cheaper than the C2D system (ironic) but it won't be as good as the C2D system. Check this out.

    There's my suggestions.
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