Need technicial information on router/switch

I currently have a router with a 10/100Mb hub inbuilt which I am looking at to add a 1Gb 8 port switch. I know the Internet traffic will be going to the router.
My question is will the file data traffic between the PC's on the 1G switch, will that be going in to the router and back out to the switch to get to each PC?

PC's are running winxp
Router IP's setup using DHCP

I am trying to find out if I need just need a 1G switch or to replace router with a 1G router.

Thanks for help in advance
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  1. whats your network setup? if you got modem->router->switch then all your pc's will be passing thru the router,coz as you have said router is set to give dhcp for all the pc's. :wink:
  2. pc to pc communiction will take place only in the switch.
    The swtich will learn the mac address of each computer and direct the communication. Router will only come into play if the switch encounters an unlearned ip address.
  3. When one PC on your LAN talks to another PC on your LAN, the data won't pass through your router. Data is only sent to your router (the default gateway) if the IP address is outside your LAN.
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