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We are going with Version DSL 786/128 kbs for $14.95. They offer a modem/router combo but not sure if it's worth buying. Now i have some questions and version doesn't answer any on their site.

1) Is there a seperate cable for DSL or is it over the regular phone line in your home?
2) Does it have to be hooked to the tower computer in the basement or the laptop?
3) We already have a Hawk 802.11g PCMCIA card for the laptop which works fine with out friends belkin router so will it work fine with this?
4) The tower is running Windows 98SE so will that be a problem if the DSL & router is hooked to that?
5) Will the tower in the basement be a problem?
6) Just how fast is DLS really since the service is 786/128 kbs rates?
7) My tower doenn't have a ethernet card installed so will i need one?

Oh yea and Verizon doesn't know if they have an access number when we are
down in Florida. Just wondering if they did how would that work? Would we
need to bring a DSL modem down with us for the laptop? Sprint is the local
phone service in FL. We also have a house in PA so i'm guessing that would work the same.
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  1. Will try to explain how things will work.

    The dsl is connected using your existing phone lines. A filter will be required on all phones to kill the dsl noise.

    The modem/router is where the dsl will connect. The output from the modem/router will be ethernet and/or wireless, and PNA. Watch out hear, most techs leave this in the clear NO Security. Turn off if not used, and/or setup security WPA-TKIP.

    You will connect each computer ether by ethernet or wireless. I think most are installing older 11b hardware, because it cheaper. PNA will have a little trancever (connected via phone line) will need software (device drivers) on each computer that connets that way.

    The setup software will setup userid/password, and all of the spam you want. The more Interest you selsect the more you get. There will be a option to have your info listed in the public directory, ***SELECT NO, IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR INFO LISTED. RECOMENDED***. Any and all software should only be required to do the setup. Once the setup is completed and the settings should be saved in the router. It ( installation software) can be un-installed. Unless you want Verizon or anyone eles to control you system, remove the software and setup a Firewall.

    If Verzion requires a min computer speed or requirment, it is just for the installation software. Once setup any speed and OS that supports ethernet drivers will work. Though some faster than others.

    As far as remote access. The phone company must put the dsl on the phone line. It is not a service that you can take with you. So unless you are willing to pay for dsl at all locations it will be unavaliable. Some provides provide a dial-up for moble user. You can always check your mail via WebMail. So no need to travel with your dsl-modem/router.

    Personall I like individual componets. I own all equipment in my house. This gives me full control. Most have a clause saying thet are not responsable for any damage. General clause. Not responsable....= NO Access to the inside unless I deem it necessary.

    If by chance they deliver a 2wire device. They are know to have a high failure rate. It use the house wiring to distribute the service. Do not connect it's source to a UPS unit. It must have access to the main wiring. This setup will allow internet access from any where in the house. Though it throughput is limited to about 3mbps. Which is higher that your dsl connection. Wireless in a multi-story house will be spotty.

    I am currently with Comcast Cable service 6meg/512k speed. Verzion has just added FOI to my neighborhood. 5 meg/2meg. The lower speeds is uplink speeds. Generally not a heavy requirment. I can have 5 computer on line with out much impact. You DSL will limit you to 2 pc at a time. Any more it may act like a dailup service. The 700k speed is 10-15 time faster that your dailup. DSL/CABLE is always ON LINE. So protect your computers with firewalls. Things will happen a lot faster.

    I had a friend that egnored my advice on a firewall, she was use to dail-up. Left her computer on over night and got loaded with Malware including bot control. It was so bad that her she had to format and reload her hd.
  2. Do not connect it's source to a UPS unit, What does UPS mean?
    Is there a special brand of Ethernet card i should buy?
    If using USB can it go threw a hub?

    This is the phone setup i'm using now.We have one phone line that breaks off to 3 phones and 2 computers. The phone line comes in upstairs and connects to a power strip with a splitter that connects to the fax and laptop upstairs and down a 25ft phone cord to the basement which goes into another power strip which goes into a 5 splitter that connects to the tower, & phone which also power the phone in the kitchen. Since the tower is in the basement the router will have to be there connected to the 25ft phone cord. Will this be a problem since all phones work well and pretty much have the same strength.
  3. ups = uninterruptiable Poser supply, It provides power when the power goes off. You would have known if you had one.
    Power strips to not cuase any problem.

    I HIGHLY Recommend the use of UPS units. Most computers do not like to be turned off by unplugging the power. A UPS supplies temporary power to the computer/equipment incase power is loss. This gives you enough time to do a graceful shutdown. This is for critical equipment only, PC, monitor, modem, router, NAS,servers. NO printers, speakers. I remember one night I was doing some work remotely when the AC went off in the middle of download/save to the controller. My ups carried me through the process. I over size for longer backup time, 30+ minutes.

    With your old computers you will proably need a PCI NIC card (10/100). Open the case and make sure you have a slot open. Brand is not real important here. Some like NAME Brand others generic. I haven't spent more that $10.00 for any of mine. Most have a Realtec, 3Com or Intel chip sets. Just make sure they have a driver that support the OS (Win98, ME, XP...). Depending on the age of your computer, If over 8 yrs in may have ISA slots instead of PCI. Easy to indentify. A ISA slot has 1 divider and the slot is approx 6+" long. PCI are around 4" and generally WHITE.

    It sounds like you are using external wiring? If this is the case, you can run CAT5 patch cables up to 100' ( terminated with ends ). Cat5 cable can be run long distances over 1000'ft.

    IF you have a option of wired or wireless select WIRED.

    The DSL modem can be setup at any phone jack. Where ever you select the router should be near. This is not a requirment. But you will beable to trouble shoot easier, when a connection problem rises.

    Not many installers use the pna technology. Usefull if wireless or wired is not posiable.

    I'm a little bais toward USR or Linksys hardware. Do not like Belkin. every person I know that has one, replaced them very quickly. Constant lockup and hangs, requiring reboots. Most went to Linksys and never looked back.
  4. I have a Dell Dimension XPST P3 500Mhz with 512100SDRam and i order this;

    Asante GigaNIX 2032T 10/100/1000Base-T PCI Ada $7.99 from computergeeks.com it was a 2 day sale and today was the last day
  5. That's an excelent price for a gigalan. As you replace/upgrade your computers, most will have a 1g nic. If/when you purchase a router, you may consider a gig speed. I don't think any of the computers you own will be able to utilize the gig speed. 1 gig lan are capable of 120mbps throughput. That is about twice the transfer speed of most harddrives. As for wireless, stay away from the 11n for now. It will be more than la year before the 11n will be finalize. Invest in a good 11g if you need wireless. Try not to mix mfg.

    Here is a link you may find of interest Wireless Shootout

    And this link will help to see wich mfg are using who chips Wireless Chips

    You will enjoy the dsl over dialup. The only question you will ask your self is why did I wait so long. Several of my friends have SBCYahoo DSL with the same speed and are happy. 1 upgraded to the 1.5m service.
  6. We ordered the router/modem combo verzion offers, my sisters idea.

    thanks for all the help. When installing the software they give a choice of Yahoo for DSL or MSN for dsl. I don't really know what the difference is and know nothing about Yahoo. WHich would be the best choice?? My sister does have a yahoo email account but verzion said they give you 9 email accounts.
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