Can not connect to shared PC or Printer after new PC

:cry: HELP!
Thank you for your attention.

My problem is driving my crazy, I have spent the last 2days trying possible solutions and nothing worked.

Local network is "GO" with WEP key that is verified on all PCs.
DHCP is on for the 2 computers connected. One(hotdog) is wired to LAN port 1, and two(asus) is connected by USB-WiFi adapter.

**Computer ONE, "Hotdog" is WIN 2k has WIRED connection to router and LTP ported for printer that is shared by the name of "Brother"
**Computer TWO, "Asus" (new computer, replaced older one) is running Win XP-sp2. Same PC-name, same network USB-WiFi adapter w/ same MAC-ID as before the new PC.
**The only change was I bought a new PC and installed Win XP-sp2, entered the same info for network.

There is no filtering of MAC/TCP/ or anything. and I have even disabled/ and later uninstalled the firewall and trun off the XP-sp2 help same issue.

I can not get a connection to the shared printer "Brother" on Hotdog in anyway from the new PC "asus", the wifi connection is grreat @54Mbps and WEP-key enter correctly. I can see the Printer's share from hotdog which is connected by LPT1....i have try to remove share and re-activate the luck also.


Simple file/printer sharing is on along with Client for MS networks.

I can access pc-TWO-Asus-from pc-ONE-Hotdog, but I can not access Hotdog's files or Hotdog's printer (shared) from ASUS.

I can PING both back and forth= No problems.

When I try to click on hotdog it gives me a box for username/pwd...this has happen once but accepted the name/pwd. Now it rejects everything.
-I have try all user/pwd accounts from both computers to no luck.

For example: Existing acct on Hotdog, Printer-w/pwd print.
I enter this and I get error message :

"hotdog is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if your have access permissions...The network name can not be found".

*I am the administrator for both computers and network :(

All I want to do is add back the shared printer with the new system. The old system that (new)ASUS took over ran XP so everything is the same.

-Trying ADD PRINTER, Network Printer, Browse for printer...I see the Network GO > hotdog... but not printers found.

-Trying CONNECT to this printer, hotdogbrother...again same problem a box w/username/pwd pops-up but rejects all the valid accounts/pwd.

Please help, and thank you for all your efforts,

ERIC and family
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  1. What comes up if you just type in \hotdog in the run box on asus and hit ok? You should see the avaliable shares/printers on hotdog, double clicking the printer would install it.

    Try making the share permissions on the printer everyone with full rights and then add anonymous to the security and give it full rights.
    If that doesn't work try enabling the guest account on hotdog and adding guest to the security on the printer with full rights.
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