Best Place to Resell Computer Parts?

I recently put together a new water cooling loop for my E6600 and the temp drop and noise level is not enough for me to justify the $220 price tag. I was wondering if you guys knew where the best place is to resell your used computer parts. I know ebay is good, but i searched for many of my parts, which did not seem to be too popular= less money for me. Is there anywhere else where I can resell them? The loop is less than one week old and has no problems.

It consists of: Aquaxtreme MP-05 (says Aquaxtreme on the block, but the directions are from D-Tek), Swiftech MCP655 pump, Swiftech MCRES Micro resevoir, Black Ice Stealth 120 Radiator, 4 feet of uncut Clearflex 60 1/2" tubing (and 6 feet roughly of pre-cut tubing), 4 feet of unused Coolsleeves (2 feet of cut Coolsleaves to fit my system), 10 Black Clamps, and about a half a bottle fo PrimoChill Ice (Green).

Any idea where I can resell all of this stuff?

Thanks, Peter
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  1. Yeah the heatsink ive never heard of the rest im sure is pretty decent.

    What are you asking for it i might take it off your hands.
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