x1900xt a fraud!!! Maybe you can confirm this?


I was trying to use my DVD player in my PC to watch DVDs on my TV (my original DVD player konked out, so I want to try this option first before forking out $50 for a new one).

I bought this cable, DVI to Component cable:

I have this video card, MSI x1900xt:

I have this TV, 27'' Sony:

Guys, please help me if you can. I am at a loss and so frustrated. All I get on the TV is a garbled pic, some red and blue colors, and a resolution that looks way to big for the TV (my desktop pic doesnt fit onto it). I edited the details for the secondary monitor on Catalyst Control Centre, made it the smallest res (640 X something), but still no go. I tried everything.

PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP! I really need to get this working. I will really appreciate it old wise ones. Thanks man!
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  1. For those who are interested, I AM FURIOUS. I was on the phone to ATI for 1 hour and 10 mins today. I cannot handle such incompetence. The guy that helped me was Tony (wouldnt give his last name). He was really friendly, but just had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

    The jist of it - HE SAID ATI 1900xt CARDS DO NOT SUPPORT DVI to COMPONENT OUT !!!!! Geeeeez, thanks for telling me in advance! - after I spent hard earned bucks on these expensive cables!!!! After the website says it does!!!! They apparently have received 100s of calls on this issue. He said you have to use the 9-pin connector if you want to use component. You cannot use DVI to component period. Even if you use the connector that ATI makes (its not supposed to be sold with the x1900xt - works with other models, just not this one). I WAS SOLD ONE! Gosh, what a bunch of total fools. It seems like now my only option is to buy a component to component cable, and use the 9-pin connector. That really pisses me off. Anyway guys, just FYI.

  2. lol, i was pretty pissed off when my the vivo on my x800xt only recorded from my vcr in black and white.
  3. Bummer you have such problems but a few thoughts come to mind reading your title/post.

    1) You bought an MSI card and you expect ATI tech support to do more than they have already? You should be dealing with MSI on this and if you want ATI's tech support buy a retail box Built By ATI (BBA) card. I am honestly suprised ATI gave you 2 minutes of their time instead of saying "Wrong number, call MSI".

    2) The MSI link shows the compatible and/or bundled cables and accessories including the S-video to HDTV adaptor. Why did you stray from the ones listed?

    3) Hows the card a fraud? Where did it say it would work with that adapter you bought? Again, see number 2.

    4) The adapter you bought gives warnings
    "Note: These cables are not compatible with PC or Mac video card outputs unless specifically stated in your video card. They also do not support Y, Cr, Cb signals. If you're looking for a way to use your computer video output with your HDTV display, check out our VGA to HDTV Converter. "

    5) No offense intended by the above. I'd look to MSI not these forumz for an answer.
  4. Not that I will use it for that purpose, but does the x1900xtx has the same problem? That would be some %^&% after paying that much for a video card. :roll:
  5. there is no problem. fishboi is just not using the card right.

    I have a 1900xt, and the AVIVO output will connect to the component cable incluced in the package. Pauldh mentioned the s-video to component, but it is not a conversion from one to the other. The outlet on the card supports both s-video and the proprietary component cable that just looks like an s-video connection. (not a big deal man, just pointing out the diff ;) )

    anyway, Pauldh pretty much pointed out where fishboi needs to change what he was trying to do. If you are worried about a 1900xtx don't be. All AVIVO cards support HD output to component and DVI but I have never heard of someone even trying that adapter from dvi to component as the cards all include the component cables... rock on. :)
  6. Isn't component video an analog signal while DVI is digital? I don't see how they could be compatible.

    I have a adapter that breaks out into component video at home for my X1900XT (Asus), but I think it plugs into S-Video or something. Or at most, the VGA plug, because that's an analog signal also.
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.asp?Image=14%2D102%2D051%2D02%2Ejpg%2C14%2D102%2D051%2D03%2Ejpg%2C14%2D102%2D051%2D04%2Ejpg%2C14%2D102%2D051%2D05%2Ejpg%2C14%2D102%2D051%2D06%2Ejpg%2C14%2D102%2D051%2D07%2Ejpg&CurImage=14%2D102%2D051%2D06%2Ejpg&Description=SAPPHIRE+100168L+Radeon+X1900XT+256MB+GDDR3+PCI+Express+x16+CrossFire+Video+Card+%2D+Retail

    Yeah, I have the same cable with my X1800XT. But Sojrner is right (it's not an svideo to compontent adaptor as I carelessly stated) it looks similar to Svideo but really isn't. If you want to use Svideo you still use the other vivo interface cable instead of plugging in any old svideo cable.

    Componenet, svideo, composite, and VGA for that matter are all analog. So we do have a DVI to VGA adaptor, the others are cables.
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