suggestions on my first pc build

first post here so don't be harsh please

recently my friend rabidbunny has ordered and is building his own pc im sure that some of you have read his post

anyways since he is building a pc i got into it. at first i thought building a pc was a ton more expensive than just buying one. wow was i wrong!

anyways, since my friend got me into this i have been looking at all the different components, and i have come up with this rig.

-ABit KN8 Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nforce 4 motherboard
-Radeon X800GTO 256MB GDDR3 graphics card
-Antec 350W psu
-AMD Athalon 3500+ Venice cpu
-Corsair 1GB 184-pin DDR SDRAM
-Western Digital 250GB SATA 3.0 GB/S hard drive
-Rosewill R5604-TBK case

i know theres not a keyboard and mouse and all the oter stuff like that, but i know that the ones of those i have picked out i like

ok, first what do you think of the system
second do you have any suggestions for other components ect
third have any of you had any problems with any of this equipment
and lastly im trying to keep the rig under 1000 dollars, so no saying oh get these awsome graphics cards and set them up for crossfire.

and i need at least 250 for the misc. parts that i left out

post away
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  1. I have two of those mobos; my primary system (in .sig) and a backup, with a 3200+. They have performed flawlessly and have an array of features, BUT...

    1. They are odd birds in that they are one of the very few mobos that still need a -5V rail. A lot of PSUs don't have this rail any more, which really limits your choices, ESPECIALLY toward the high end, where you will find decent quality PSUs.

    2. They are Socket 939, which means you're buying old tech. If you're set on AMD, look at Socket AM2; but you'll get slightly better performance with Intel C2D.

    From your choice of GPU, I'm guessing either you're not a die-hard gamer, or you're planning on getting a better DX10 card when they come out. You might consider instead a 7600GT. Check out the Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money sticky thread maintained by Cleeve for a look at the best options at various price points.

    If you plan on a major GPU upgrade, particularly to DX10, that 350W PSU will NOT cut it. You'd probably want 500W-600W. If you stick with that Abit board, note my remarks about the -5V rail as you look for another PSU.
    My suspicion is that the majority here will suggest an alternate mobo, and very likely an Intel C2D as they are current performance champs.

    Post your intended uses for this rig in order to get the most useful suggestions.
  2. i am planning on using this rig for just everyday things and mild gaming, because i have my 360 for hardcore games

    thanks for the tips on the mobo
  3. okay i have changed my mobo, cpu, and memory

    -ASUS M2NPV-VM Socket AM2 NVidia GeForce Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
    -AMD Athalon 64 X2 4200+ Windsor Socket AM2 Dual Core Processor
    -CORSAIR 1GB 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM

    what do you think of these

    also im just wondering does a micro atx form mobo fit in a atx case
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